Elite Capital International Review: Suspicious!

Elite Capital International (elitecapitalinternational.com) is a website that claims to offer wealth management, investment strategies and trading education.

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Elite Capital International proclaims to trade securities in major exchanges.

They want investors to believe that the company stands for trust, experience and transparency, thanks to 21 years of experience in the financial industry.

The website would also like investors to believe that they’re focusing on value investing within niche markets.

While their marketing materials contain some information about what they “do”, the content does not really address issues that investors are concerned with.

For example, they’re not disclosing company ownership information such as executives, directors or people in charge of the website’s operations.

They’re also not addressing the question of who are the traders and brokers involved.

They only provide a Hong Kong physical address which does not tell much about who they truly are.

So before they convince you to sign up, we request that you read this review to get enlightened on how these scams operate.

Otherwise, we feel that this company is not suitable for adding into our list of the most recommended resources for traders and investors.

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Elite Capital International Review

While going through their promotion material, I felt that the vendor’s site was not providing meaningful statements but relying on marketing jargon to express their service to the world.

I pulled the following statement directly from their website:

We are an independent, client driven company who specializes in providing private, corporate and institutional clients with access to opportunities within niche markets that offer value, whilst mitigating risk.

A professional investment manager will break it down so we can understand how funds are invested and risk is managed.

However, this website is only full of fluff where they don’t actually communicate any meaningful statement to their target audience.

At the end of the fluff, they provide a contact us form where interested investors can reach out to them.

The company is also providing a support telephone number at +852 5808 2919.

Nothing looks trustworthy here, based on the presentation.

However, we also need to ask ourselves a few more questions.

Why was the website registered in 2019 instead of decades ago?

According to the company’s marketing materials, the people working for Elite Capital International have 21 years of experience in the financial sector.

But according to who.is, the website was actually registered in July 2019.

They even go a notch further by claiming that their investment advisory service is helping both private and corporate clients.

How true is this? And why do they feign legitimacy by creating the illusion that their service has existed for long when it hasn’t?

This is definitely a red flag. They failed the transparency test.

Who is the broker involved?

A question that is as simple as this one can be answered with just a live chat or an email message.

But Elite Capital International is actually beating around the bush by providing us with unnessary stories.

It is the right of every investor to find out what broker will be holding their funds for trading.

Elite Capital International claims that they have “custodians” but the truth is that this shady website is the custodian of client funds.

Otherwise, this should have easily been addressed. It appears there is no broker involved, and the money you’re sendin them goes directly into their pockets.

Why is Elite Capital International not regulated?

Their marketing materials claim that the company is offering “independent investment advice and products”.

This is actually what they claim on their website:

Being an independent advisory firm, Elite Capital’s advisors are not governed by an overseeing institution, meaning we are free, willing and able to offer appropriate advice to clients on any financial product; all the while guaranteeing impartial advice, geared to your financial goals.

By putting up such a statement, one would assume that they are naive.

However, the truth is that they are circumventing the rules to look like they don’t need to be regulated.

The Hong Kong financial regulator is actually known as Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong, ad they’re in charge of all activities of hedge fund managers within this jurisdiction.

So how come that Elite Capital International does not need a license when all companies or entities providing some form of financial advice need this license so as not to breach the law?

Why they are a scam

Remember that nobody can tell for sure whether these guys are actually in Hong Kong.

Their website does not contain a clause stating that they do not accept US citizens.

It is actually illegal for US citizens to sign up on this website as it constitute felony.

Who are the owners of Elite Capital International?

See, they are 100% anonymous and they do expect you to trust them.

With regards to their training, the website only wants investors to get in touch for more information.

A transparent website will lay out everything in black and white.

The only reason they want you to contact them is because they want to persuade you through the phone as opposed to in writing.

They are boiler room salesmen, and they’re skilled in following a script that works on victims with limited financial knowledge.


Investment advise is provided within the confines of the law.

In this case, Hong Kong financial regulator should be regulating the activities of this website.

But this is not happening since an investment scam can never qualify for a license.

Probably they’re going to launder all the money collected and only pay up a small ROI out of new member deposits.

This is actually what is happening with companies like Dacxi.

In the end, a collapse will happen and majority of those investors will lose their deposits.

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