Editorial Policy

Topedgefx.com is one of the most active trading product review sites on the internet.

Our mission is to write reviews that inform our readers, thus helping them to make the right decision.

Our team has completed extensive training to comply with strict editorial guidelines.

We have combined decades of industry experience at all levels of publishing.

For all of these reasons, we are confident we can continue to bring you industry news that complies with high standards of professionalism.

Freedom of speech

Our team consists of journalists and editors based in 8+ countries worldwide. We encourage our team to pitch topics and products they feel are relevant to our users.

This journalistic freedom allows us to post product reviews that cannot be found on other industry reviews websites.

As long as we feel a product or service is relevant to our readers, we believe it should be shared with our community.

And, because our journalists pitch products or services on their own, we are not influenced by our owners or investors.

This collaborative environment is designed to create a more community-oriented news website. We share reviews that our community wants to read – not the stories that big corporations want us to promote.

No Compensation Policy

Our team does not receive compensation from any brand or company in exchange for publishing reviews about a particular topic, product, or brand.

For information about paid advertising opportunities on our website, send us a message regarding press releases or advertising below.