Edge Trading Group Review: Scam by Anthony

Welcome to the Edge Trading Group review. It seems that we have to deal with yet another financial nonsense in this review.

Edge Trading Group is owned and operated by “Anthony”. It is a trading school, a day trading chatroom website and a place to get “Edge Zones” indicator.

Anthony of edgetradinggroup.com is claiming to know the secret of order flow trading.

He claims to have started his career in 1996 as a clerk at CME arb before moving to Chicago Proprietary Firms [International Trading Group in 2000.

Anthony proclaims 25 years of track record. He is currently peddling 3 courses, live weekly coaching and access to a day trading room for $147 per month.

Edge Trading Group review

In addition to this, he is providing Edge Elite which is a trading program that is selling at $1997.

But there are good trading products that cost way less. If you want to trade or invest, use a service with a good track record.

Is Edge Trading Group legit?

We are sure that “Anthony” has other websites that sell this kind of financial wizardry.

His past performance is not verifiable at this time because obviously he only has “one name”.

We can’t run a quick background check to see whether Mr. Anthony has these qualifications and experience.

The only thing that he has provided on the sales page is a couple of videos that explain why his training and service is the best.


This was a pretty short review. However, I want to make it clear that if one can prove their claims of success, it is very easy to get a positive review.

But if you cannot prove your alleged success.. just like Anthony of Edge Trading Group, then you are not so lucky.

Apparently this is the ultimate litmus test that about 90% of trading educators fail.

However, they go ahead and sell their trading courses for thousands of dollars, deceiving the financially desperate and wrecking havoc on their finances.

The victim ultimately ends up in a poorer state than he started. Avoid these “quacks”. Avoid paying thousands of dollars to “get educated” on trading the futures market.