Edga Recovery Review: Scam or Recovery Experts?

Our review focuses on Edga Recovery group, which is a company claiming to offer scammed recovery services to victims of binary options and Crypto fraud.

There’s a surge in the number of “scam recovery services” on the internet. Many are not legitimate but if you find a good one like this company, the process will be efficient and quick to complete with a success rate of 100%.

The company’s marketing materials claim that Edga Recovery has fought many scams in the federal courts to help victims.

Edga Recovery Review

They’re based in the US and can be reached through email or phone number.

In addition to this, the website purports that victims who seek their service will be entitled to 100% money back guarantee, which is something we are skeptical about.

The question is whether they can give us real examples of verifiable cases that they won and victims got their money back.

Meanwhile, Edga Recovery proclaims they’ve been in business for the last 7 years.

We cannot prove this claim since the website of Edga Recovery Group (edgarecovery.com) was created in May 2019.

This is a blatant lie or just an attempt to appear as if they have a good experience in the business.

Due to the controversies that surround money recovery companies on the internet, we’ll provide a quick review of this website to let you know whether it’s viable.

Edga Recovery review

The website of this scam recovery service is professional and they also have a video on the homepage purportedly showing their team working in the background.

This sort of thing is sufficient to convince people that the company is legitimate.

However, for us we need to find out more about the company, the people who work here, their location and cases that were won until victims recovered lost money.

Currently, their site consists of a few sections where they present their past clients, reasons why they believe victims should use them and an area that shows “partner badges”.

All of these things are great but if there’s no evidence of work accomplished, then it’s pointless using this company for your pursuit into trying to recover lost money.

The process of recovering money using Edga Recovery

Victims will typically schedule a free consultation where they will be assigned a “recovery agent” who will file the case and guarantee recovery of lost funds.

They also claim that the second step is where victims cases are worked on and they will also receive timely updates.

Third step is to receive paperwork that confirms that “recovery was successful”.

At this point, victims should assume that they’ve already been successful in getting back their lost funds.

However, we still have a few questions to ask.

The first question is how much of the original lost money can be recovered or is it 100% of the money?

Secondly, is there a timeline for this process to be completed either with success in recovering money or not?

Thirdly, are there documented cases or direct evidence where Edga Recovery’s services were used to help investors get back what they had lost?

The fees!

These guys want you to pay them 10% upfront fee. This is 10% of what you had lost.

This is the most difficult part because in the first place, this company is not well-known and committing such an amount would put victims into a situation where they are scammed a second time.

If they can show us documented cases or direct evidence that we requested above, then we’d be more than willing to pay this fee.

Otherwise, it makes no sense paying any fees at this point and even if they claim 100% money back guarantee will apply, you must know that this is purely for marketing purposes.


We do not trust Edga Recovery and we’re certainly not confident about their service.

We have not found any evidence that they actually helped someone get their money back.

With that said, you can only be safe when you invest with credible people in the first place. You’ll avoid getting involved in dubious fund recovery programs that add salt to the injury.

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