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⚠️ Unable to withdraw funds from a broker? Are they asking you to pay more fees or taxes? You've been SCAMMED and this form gives you the opportunity to recover your funds! is a website that peddles the “World’s biggest Airdrop” where users with a verified email address can get Ecoin for free.

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The website claims that once adoption of Ecoin reaches 1 billion, the value of 1 Ecoin will be $1.

We already doubt this story, which is why we can’t include it in our list of recommended investing products and services.

Investors will receive 200 Ecoin (worth $3.3) once they sign up. This number previously dropped from 1000 to 200. They claim.

Each referral will earn an investor an additional 200 Ecoin. claims that the value of their Cryptocurrency will rise because of mass adoption.

The website also claims that they will prevent people from abandoning the project by giving them monthly interest.

Interest can be withdrawn through individual’s EOS wallet.

We have also noticed that the website is shying away from adopting their token using an ICO.

In addition to this, the marketers behind Ecoin at are 100% anonymous. (Ecoin) review

The website was launched in April 2019 and its visitor numbers have been rising until traffic started to drop around September.

It appears the owners of Ecoin are promoting it though social media where they’re able to garner a huge number of visitors mostly from India, US and Russia.

The company also claims they will provide 10-15% monthly stake rewarding.

In addition to this, the company is promising 5% basic interest.

All of these interests which they purport to pay involve real money.

So the question is where does the project owner get money to pay subscribers?

Why is a scam

They talk about mass adoption and they compare this coin with Bitcoin’s popularity.

The idea is to get as many people involved as possible, hence the reason they’re only asking for your email address.

Also notice that this website is shunning the idea of running an ICO, siting regulatory challenges.

The truth is that the people behind want to remain anonymous.

By hosting an ICO, they would be forced to give out their names and address, which is not their agenda in the first place.

The truth is that these exit scams have dominated the internet. Once they gain enough numbers, they always find creative ways of fooling investors to send money.

In the end, a scam like will leave behind a pile of victims lamenting how they’ve lost money.


When you come across any website offering some sort of Ecoin but running away from the idea of an ICO, it could just be a scam.

Also, the idea behind this website is just too good to be true. There’s no way this website will issue free money in terms of interest which they’re purporting to pay.

The Ecoin is a worthless token that costs nothing to generate. So why would they promise investors real dollars in exchange for holding worthless coins?

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