EATree Review: Is EA Tree MT4 and MT5 a Scam?

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Welcome to the EATree review. We’re reviewing a company based in US and Canada that believes visual solutions are the answer to complex trading problems.

Genetic Graphics Inc (the name of the company) has created two products known as EA Tree MT4 and EA Tree MT5 respectively.

The developer feels that traders of all levels can use their products to quickly build expert advisors or even signal generating tools for the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

They want traders to know that no coding background is needed and in addition to this, EATree saves time when it comes to developing Forex expert advisors. Instead of taking weeks or months, an EA developed on this platform only takes minutes.

This is definitely a good idea because traders can try different kinds of strategies without spending additional budget to acquire a Forex robot that has certain features.

Although there are similar services out there to EATree, we’ve noticed that most traders still can’t use them because they appear to be extremely difficult to use.

This is why most traders still prefer ready-made automated trading solutions such as the ones we’ve highlighted on this page. 

However, we’re quite sure that if traders can find a solution for building EAs without all the complex coding knowledge, they can easily welcome the idea.

eatree review Expert Advisor Builder for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 EATree

So today we’re analyzing EA Tree and their two products to help you see whether or not they can be a viable solution to your trading problems.

EATree Review

This company’s website has existed since 2010 according to In the past few years, they’ve been focusing on MQL4 and 5 respectively.

Their main aim is to help traders automate their trading strategies so they can either create a Forex robot or a trading signals service.

Their selling point is that even if you don’t have any programming knowledge, their products will be easy to use.

EATree’s website states that their products come with a set of powerful tools such as money management, time zones, trading stops, trading controls, Martingale, Hedging and so much more.

They tell the trading community that trading tools for their products vary between their EA Tree MT4 and EA Tree MT5 products.

They also claim that their EA Tree products allows traders to privately create trading strategies and signals without the need to share signals with others.

In short, privacy is at the center of their development agenda.

With EATree, we can even develop complex MQL code for our expert advisors or signals or even trade multiple currency pairs and time frames.

Lastly, they want EA Tree fans to know that their products allow development of trading software without any errors.

They’ve actually listed 9 reasons why they think EA Tree is above the rest. You can find them on the main sales page of EATree products.

EA Tree and the free training videos

These guys are providing free training videos as well.

We believe that the free training videos are meant to help traders make up their minds as to whether or not this is an ideal product for their trading.

The training videos have been posted on YouTube and they are quite long as they run for 20 minutes just to give you a sneak peak of how EATree products work.

To summarize it, the developer is just showing us the early stages of using their EA Tree products as well as what to expect as we advance forward with their products.

We certainly appreciate this mindfulness because this is something that most developers simply ignore.

EATree purchase and other details

The two software EATree MT4 and EATree MT5 can be purchased through Avangate affiliate network.

Every single purchase comes with 3 licenses and traders can choose EA Tree for MT4 or EA Tree for MT5.

Whether you’re purchasing EA Tree for MT4 or MT5, the price is the same and this is a lifetime license.

The cost is $149.99.

Genetic Graphics Inc intends to deliver your digital product as a download product plus a 10-day money back guarantee applies to all purchases.

What we like about this developer is that they’re very transparent. Other than the free training videos provided on their YouTube channel, they also offer free versions of both software.

With the free versions of EATree MT4 and MT5, you can get a good feel of how the software works and whether or not it is a good fit for your trading.


This EATree review ends here but we certainly like their professionalism and the fact that they’re willing to go an extra mile to create education videos on how their products must be used.

The reason we believe this is a good deal is because the developer is giving everyone a chance to try their software before they can commit any money to the project. We hope this will not change.

Now, in my opinion, I still believe EA Tree for MT4 and MT5 are not for traders who have no significant experience in trading.

These products seem to be ideal for those who have traded for quite some time and are looking to automate their trading.

Perhaps you might find a trading strategy in the process of playing with EATree software. We hear that there are a lot of trading strategies here which can be built like a “tree”.

So we presume that it’s also a game of some sort with the end goal of finding a perfect trading strategy so to say.

Having said that, the ball is in your court. You can drop us your comments so we can know what the trading community feel about EA Tree products. Thanks for reading this EA Tree review.

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