Easytrade.io Review: Easy Trade is a Scam (Plus how to recover your Funds)

Easytrade.io sells a binary options like scam trading platform. It tells investors that trading is easy and that even your grandma can do it. Unfortunately, what Easytrade.io is selling will make you lose your enter deposit. There are many complaints right now from investors who lost their funds. If you’re among them, we encourage you to Recover Your Funds by visiting this page for instructions.

Easytrade is an offshore Forex broker and obviously not regulated by any financial watchdog. They are located in the infamous scammers haven called St Vincent and the Grenadines. This is also where the scam Fundiza Ltd is operating from.

If you want serious trading, you should use professional brokers and most importantly invest in a trading system or signals service that can give you highly accurate trades.

You don’t want to wire your money to this offshore location because you will be funding a scam (in this case Easytrade is the fraud).

Easytrade.io review

This broker is interested in stealing your deposit, and this is the reason they use flowery marketing language to entice you and make you deposit money into the platform.

Their platform provides analysis and alerts, indicators and risk management tools. However, you should know that all of these things are meaningless if offered by a fraudulent broker.

What is the use of these trading tools if the broker will be trading against you and also doing what they can to steal your deposit?

We’ve also realized that EasyTrade.io is using a platform that is similar to that of binary options trading.

Binary options are outlawed in the EU because nearly all brokers offering these trading instruments have been scamming traders.

Easy Trade is one of those brokers seemingly offering binary options and claiming that trading is very easy.

Easy Trade is unregulated and risky

We do not want to encourage anyone to trade with an offshore broker that has no valid Forex brokerage license.

Without a license, it means the broker is there to break the rules and most importantly to steal your money. After all, they are not responsible for anything. No law enforcement or agencies will check them out to see whether they abide by the industry rules.

So if you see a broker who is not regulated and is doing business from an offshore location, you should run and never look back.

How EasyTrade.io intends to scam traders

They will scam you by first talking you into depositing money into the corny investment platform. It is for this reason that they want your phone number besides your email.

They are good at cold calling. They mostly run boiler room scams where the caller will use sweet language to pursuade the victim until the victim can actually deposit the minimum amount.

They will mostly make you believe that you are generating profits. Ultimately, you will want to cash out your profits and that’s when you will find that the scammers are asking for more money to give you your deposit plus profits.

If you insist on how fare you are and they are wrong, the scammers will stop responding to your emails and calls. That is just how these scams work.

The Conclusion

Avoid EasyTrade.io at all cost. They are a deadly scam that will cost you money that you were not willing to lose.

We know that they are a scam because apart from not having a license, they are also the subject of many negative reviews and complaints. Be warned.