Earn Pip Review: Is earnpip.com Scam Portfolio Manager?

Welcome to Earn Pip review. Earnpip.com is providing a portfolio management service through a Forex copy-trader. Earnpip.com is working with 118 Forex brokers and advertising a free trading service.

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They confidently state that Earn Pip has made 500% returns in the last 5 years.

On the other hand, they claim that their average monthly return is just 3%.

Even if we do a rough estimate of their supposed monthly return in comparison with the advertised return for 5 years, we find that the numbers are not adding up.

Furthermore, they want us to know that they’re managing risk using machine learning AI while using “6 unprecedented Automated Trading Strategies”.

The website domain for Earn Pip was created in December 2017 (according to who.is).

However, promotion material states that trading activities started in the financial markets began in 1997 while testing and developing trading strategies began in 2004.

It is hard to understand why the website of Earn Pip was created in 2017 when trading began as early as 1997.

This possibly looks like an attempt to create a trading experience which is not there.

On the same note, we’re looking for ownership information of Earn Pip website but not finding any meaningful results.

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earn pip review

Owners of Earn Pip website have not disclosed their names and location. While this can easily be brushed aside as not important, serious investors usually look out for this information to trust people with their money.

Now that we’re doing a comprehensive Earn Pip review, we’ll have to look at their trading background and results to see whether this is something that investors really need.

In the meantime, we’re advising serious Forex traders to choose these recommended trading tools.

Earn Pip Review

The website of this money manager is straight forward with a design that takes a minimalist approach.

We love the presentation but not the aggressive claims of earning 500% in the last 5 years.

Unless they can be backed by proof, there’s absolutely no reason to trust these figures.

That said, Earn Pip just wants traders and investors to know that their company is offering an Automated Copier Expert Advisor (EA) for free. They want traders to know that machine learning (AI) is at the core of their trading, thanks to their sister company Arya. Arya is also the owner of a trading product called Arya Trader.

With the kind of trade copier that EarnPip is offering, investors can set risk parameters and even disconnect it from the master account any time they like.

Earn Pip basically wants investors to know that it is completely safe to follow their trading strategies as one can join or opt out any time.

EarnPip is also looking for investors who can deposit at least $1,600 with their Forex brokers. However, in another part of the website, they let investors know that the minimum recommended deposit is $3,000.

Investors interested in utilizing their service should reach out to the company’s support for clarity.

Since Earn Pip is quite bold about their income figures, we’re sure they’ll provide some kind of proof to support their allegations.

How Earn Pip works

You choose one or multiple brokers from their 118 brokers.

They’ll provide you with an MT4 or MT5 trade copier which is basically an EA programmed to copy trades automatically.

Earn Pip claims their trade copier is programmed with an auto installer so the less technical client can install without any issues.

Of course the next step would be to deposit (if you choose to trade a live account).

Demo is provided for 1 month in order for clients of Earn Pip to test the profitability of the service. After 1 month it will be deactivated.

Earn pip is not providing insights on their 6 trading strategies. We understand that their machine learning AI learns how to set risks parameters and improve on them accordingly.

However, their 6 trading strategies are not disclosed which makes it difficult to know their style of trading.

EarnPip Trading results

Earn Pip offers an opportunity for new clients to see what is happening in one of their real trading accounts.

They’ve provided investor access to their supposed live account on WebTrader.

At the time of writing this Earn Pip review, there was only one trade open for 0.01 lot. We checked trading history but didn’t find anything.

It is difficult to convince us that this is a live account used by Earn Pip on a daily basis since no trading activities were found on the trading history tab.

In addition to this, we don’t expect a money manager to trade 0.01 lot in a live account since they must be having many clients and their portfolio must be very big at this time (if their claim is anything to go by).

EarnPip is also showing us an FXblue widget on their website which is hard to analyze because there’s no link to take us back to the real profile.

With a little bit of coding magic, one can implement these widgets on any website.

We tried looking for EarnPip FXblue account but failed to find it. So we actually don’t know where they got this widget from.

Our last option is to rely on the company’s demo account. Earn Pip has done a great job by providing investors with an opportunity to test their service on a demo for 1 month.

This is the best way to know whether they’re profitable traders or not. If you must use EarnPip, start with a demo and make up your mind once you see results.

Consumer reviews for Earn Pip

We did not find any Earn Pip reviews on the internet, which makes us doubt their service and experience (if their advertising material is anything to go by).

We’d like to make this review serve as a platform for airing your opinion. And we’re definitely waiting for more feedback to roll in before we can attempt making any changes to this EarnPip review.


The only positive thing about this fund manager is that they’re providing a demo for testing their trading.

Investors are encouraged to start with a demo right away instead of committing money to the project upfront.

But if you don’t have the time and patience to test their service, you can opt to invest on these trading tools which are cheaper and more convenient. 

Thanks for reading our EarnPip review.

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