EA TECH Review (Forex Robots and Managed Accounts)

EA Tech Group is a team of developers that created 3 Forex robots called EA Tech V3, Repedo Pro and EA Tech V4.

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In addition to the above Forex robots, the developer is also offering a “trade for me” service where investors are supposed to deposit $1,000 with a broker called FXTM.

The company was created in 2017 under the name EATech Group.

They appear to be based in the UK as their website’s domain is eatech.uk.

They also claim that the team is made up of a group of like-minded professionals in finance and information technology.

Specific members of the team such as the CEO or founders have not been mentioned.

However, their website has left all communication channels open.

EATech can be reached on Skype, Instagram, Facebook and email 24/7.

The minimum deposit that their 3 EAs require is $100 to $500.

Average monthly returns for their EA Tech V3 software is 10% to 70%.

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ea tech forex robots review

Repede Pro EA is allegedly generating 20% to 80% monthly returns while EA Tech V4 is generating 40% to 120% monthly.

The cost of a license for the 3 Forex robots is £99, £175 and £199 respectively.

Free VPS also offered with some licenses.

But we cannot just take their word for it if we have not seen trading performance just yet.

We only recommend trading products and services with rock solid performance.

Is EA Tech Group Legit?

To answer this question, we would need to look at their performance results.

The team has provided samples of “trading results” for their two most prominent trading robots.

Their EA Tech V4 robot’s results date back to March 2020 all the way to June 2020.

While the results seem genuine, we’re not able to independently verify the trading statements.

It is also very difficult to get a clear overview of where the equity curve is going and what the drawdown is because this information has not been put in a myfxbook account.

We’re also not able to tell whether the broker statement posted on this website is a genuine redacted statement from the broker FXTM.

We also see that the team is using very high leverage settings of 1:1000.

This is the first indication that the robot was using high-risk settings in the account.

Secondly, their Repede Pro EA’s trading results are presented in the same way as the above robot.

These results date back to February 2019, and the broker they used is owned and operated by a company called Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd.

All in all, we’d like this team to know that posting results on their website is not the most transparent way to present trading results, plus it is cumbersome.

With this kind of presentation, prospective buyers can’t see the much needed details that a myfxbook account would provide.

Should you buy FX robots from EA Tech Group?

In as much as their Forex robots seem legitimate, we’re not 100% confident that they can deliver the desired results.

If they were profitable as the developer claims, we see no reason why they would opt to post statements on their website which is making it difficult to analyze the numbers instead of just utilizing a statement sharing platform like myfxbook.

We would not buy a copy of either of the Forex robots.

What about their Forex managed accounts?

The first step is to sign up with their recommended broker.

The master account’s leverage is between 1:200 and 1:1000, which is very high and unreasonable.

EA Tech even wants you to send them your money directly if you come from a country where this weird leverage is not allowed.

Do not do this.

We’d also like to see how this service has been performing in the past.


All in all, we think that this service is promoting EAs with too good to be true profits.

We cannot trust them blindly and definitely their managed Forex accounts is a big no at this time.

Thanks for reading our review. You can leave your feedback regarding this EA developer.

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