EA Monster Review: Million Dollar Zone Scam!

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EA Monster from Million Dollar Zone provides multiple trading strategies which have been backtested for up to 10 years.

The software also comes with numerous breakout strategies, powerful money management, trend strategies, optional hedge and grid trading features.

EA Monster can be downloaded together with a 44 page PDF manual for instructions on how to set it up.

The sales page does not introduce the owner of EA Monster.

The developers are basically unknown. However, their website can be found at milliondollarzone.com.

In fact, when we visited this website, our browser warned us that opening the website was a risky affair.

This possibly means that the website is malicious and could be collecting visitor information secretly or infecting their PCs with viruses.

Is EA Monster by Million Dollar Zone legit?

We see them advertising this service a lot but doing very little to gain the trust of traders who would like to use their product.

ea monster million dollar zone review

We don’t trust the software because the vendor is relying on backtesting rather than live trading performance.

In this age, vendors of trading software should put their money where their mouth to convince skeptics.

They can do so using a third-party statement sharing service called myfxbook.com.

It saves them a lot of time and traders tend to trust vendors with established myfxbook accounts.

If you’re looking for a good Forex robot, you can visit this page and you will find that the products we recommend have a reputation which they’ve build through credible trading performance.

EA Monster does not have this performance, which makes it such a disappointment.


EA Monster by Million Dollar Zone is not our preferred trading software at this time.

Even pricing of this software is not upfront, which makes us wonder what the purpose of promotion is.

It does not meet the criteria for inclusion into our list of recommended trading products.

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