EA Boss Review: Genius EA Boss a scam Forex Robot?

Welcome to the EA boss review.

The EA Boss or the Genius EA Boss is a highly priced Forex robot. The official website can be found at ea-boss.com.

The developer claims that EA boss will “multiply any account size in live trading”. They even claim that this EA performs better in a live account compared to back testing environment.

On top of that, the sales page displays multiple “trading results” but it’s difficult to establish whether these results are from a demo or live account.

The sales page is mixed up and lacking in terms of professionalism. It gives the impression that EA Boss is a get-rich quick trading robot.

Genius EA BOSS review

They display pictures of Yachts, jets, mansions and so on in the hope of catching the attention of the financially naive.

The owners of EA boss are also purporting to have “years of programming experience” and that they invested countless hours testing and programming the EA.

I’m wondering if this information is real. First of all, the owners of EA Boss are 100% anonymous.

Their trading history cannot be verified because the sales page is not giving any real trading history apart from a bunch of screenshots published here and there purporting to display real results.

This is potentially a scam Forex robot. Those red flags are too many to ignore.

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EA Boss Review

96.2% win rate is not a realistic figure and we certainly don’t think any Forex EA is capable of performing so.

The sales page of EA Boss is full of verbiage and sales tactics but has little in the way of describing the strategy of the EA.

They claim this Forex robot has a draw down of 0.33%. Again this sounds unrealistic. No Forex robot can trade with this efficiency.

It’s just too good to be true.

The developer thinks they can trick traders by publishing supposed back tests with scanty information. They claim this Forex robot performs better in a live account compared to back testing.

They tell traders that a profit reduction of 20% can be witnessed in a live trading account but generally back tests are almost always the same as live trading.

However, the reality is that back testing is very different from the real market. Results generated through back testing don’t even come close to those generated through live trading.

So this is just a ploy to cheat unsuspecting traders into purchasing this Forex robot.

Investing money into the EA boss robot would be risky because for one, this developer does not have an explanation of their trading logic and secondly, it is one of the most expensive FX robots we’ve seen around.

Definitely it would be a bad investment.

EA Boss features and product breakdown

Price: $699

Time frame: M15

Strategy: Scalping


They claim that pricing will be increased if traders fail to take action immediately.

They even threaten that EA Boss won’t be available and so traders must purchase a license immediately.

These are simple sales tactics meant to mislead traders so they can be manipulated into spending money on a bogus Forex robot.

Certainly this is a very bad way of marketing on the internet. It’s deceptive and very wrong in fact.

Also, there’s no reason why a trader should spend $700 on a Forex EA when there are very good EAs going for much less.

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Trading performance

No myfxbook trading statements have been provided.

The vendor hopes to convince traders using back tests and very old and unverified trading results.

ea boss review myfxbook results

I did my research and came across some myfxbook accounts associated with the EA boss.

These must be the funniest myfxbook accounts I ever saw because the alleged returns are unbelievable.

In fact, traders have also accused the vendor of conspiring with a broker called FXCH to scam traders.

I have one of their myfxbook accounts (this one is inactive since trading was discontinued in January 2017).

This account depicts a gain of +53.87 million between 2012 and 2017.

I also noticed that this vendor was using a trick in their myfxbook account to convince traders that the EA boss traded even in 2019.

In fact, they stopped trading in January 19th of 2017. However, the x-axis of the graph indicates the date and not the year..

If trading was discountinued in January 19 of 2017, the year will not be visible, only the date which in this case is January 19th.

If you’re not careful, you may think this myfxbook account is active and real but in the true sense, the figures are inflated and draw down is unacceptable.

Feedback from real traders

Most traders believe the EA Boss is a copy of the Fap Turbo scam Forex robot.

They say its performance is pathetic and it loses money all the way.

Besides, its price is just not worth the poor programming that went into the creation of the robot.


EA Boss is just a big scam. Traders cannot spend $700 on a Forex robot when there’s nothing being offered in exchange for their wallets.

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