Dyno Trading Review: Mark Wentz, an Investment Wackadoodle!

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Dyno Trading is a trading vendor website owned and operated by Mark Wentz. Mr. Mark is a very interesting character and his business model is equally tantalizing.

He claims that DynoTrading was created to help new traders climb the giant mountain of financial nonsense in the marketplace with “No indicators” needed.

Yet Mark Wentz is exactly selling a trading indicator which he claims can pin-point the beginning and end of trends.

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The Dyna Trading software can allegedly pick the exact tops and bottoms of the financial markets.

Marketing literature on the sales page claims that this “magical trading indicator” can work on any financial market.

It allegedly produces “excellent’ results on the Forex, stocks, Futures and options markets.

This thing can literally work on any financial market and any time frame. Mark Wentz claims that it doesn’t matter what time frame we’re using Dyno Trading indicator on because it will still work!

Dyno trading review Day Trading Forex Trading Strategies

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The sales page further claims that this magical indicator used to work perfectly 100 years ago and will continue to produce great results in the next 200 years to come.

We’re mesmerized at the promise that this trading software can cure all the financial problems of the world for the next 200 years.

If this is true, then we’re sure every desperate trader out there needs a doze of Dyna Trading software. Isn’t it?

After making several thousands of dollars using this trading indicator, we can finally buy the yacht of our dreams, a king’s mansion, a fancy sports car and even spent time with hot bikini-clad babes.

Regardless, we felt that this was an interesting trading product worth reviewing.

So buckle up as we go down the roller coaster ride.

Dyno Trading review

This ‘highly sophisticated trading software” contains a secret that users must never reveal to the elite Wall street traders.

In fact, Mark of DynoTrading wants you to swear that you’ll never tell this secret to anyone.

He claims that his trading software was created out of a special mix of 200 proprietary trading strategies to create one very powerful software known as Dyno Trading software.

In addition to this, he claims that data streamed through this software is coming straight from the trading desk of Wall Street money managers.

This guy even claims that everything in his trading software is AI-driven.

You have to realize that day trading and AI trading don’t mix. Anyone who claims to be a successful day trader using AI trading is definitely a fraud.

What’s the price of Dyno Trading software?

It costs $4,000 per year and it’s an excellent tool for grannies, work-at-home moms and those whose pockets were recently affected by the Corona virus pandemic.

How does this software work?

Mark Wentz claims that he created this trading software for the NinjaTrader platform. You just need to load it up onto the NinjaTrader platform and it will pin point the exact areas where money can be found.

The owner of this trading software is even claiming that his software is the number one trading robot in the world.

That means it works even if you don’t have time to sit on your PC.

This set-and-forget trading robot is really enticing. All you need is a Ninja Trader investment account and a valid license of the Dyno Trading software.

It will quickly start roasting the market and serving money into your bank account.

Is Mark Wentz of Dyno Trading a real trader and developer of software for trading?

Mark Wentz is supposedly the name of the owner of this website.

Mark Wentz has “achieved the following success”:

  • Earned $18k to $20k when trading Forex and Futures
  • Won “2017 Masters of Day Trading” prize
  • Is the best Chicago-based trader with highest earning
  • Is the owner of the largest prop trading firm in the entire Chicago
  • His trading software enables everyone to earn at least $1,000 per day

You can check his profile here. Even the photo used in that profile does not belong to Mark since we have seen this photo across the internet and in some occasions, this photo has showed up in questionable websites.

All of the claims above are in writing. You can go to the Dyno Trading website to verify.

Does Mark have a verified track record?

This guy does not seem to have a verified track record of trading, only fraudulently generated financial reports are available.

His YouTube channel is full of financial propaganda.

There are dozens of pictures and videos that lead the financially unsophisticated to believe that Mark’s earning records are real.

CFTC regulations (check commodity Exchange act) have highlighted conditions that traders must adhere to when producing trading statements.

Performance disclosures must be accompanied by a statement that says these results are not a guarantee that other traders will achieve similar results.

No one can be so naive to believe Dyno Trading’s blatant fraud-filled trading results.

The owner of Dyno Trading is claiming to be a professional trader when it’s clear that he is not trading.

He is also lying about who he is.

He also claims to be the owner of a prop trading firm.

However, we know very well that there are rules that govern people who want to start a prop trading firm in the US.

The first rule is that they must be registered as Commodity Trading Advisor.

The SEC investment advisor search portal does not bring up his name whatsoever.

This guy simply does not have an identity.

If he is the true owner of a prop trading firm that sells a trading indicator that makes money like clock work, why hide his name?


The owner of Dyno Trading is ignorant, naive and pathetic.

His Dyno trading website is equally stinking with lies. He is selling false hope because he is an investment charlatan.

We’re used to seeing these characters in the trading market place every day.

This squirrel will quickly convince the financially naive to buy donkey vomit for $4,000 but a review like this will always be a god send to would-be victims.

Thank you for reading this DynoTrading review. We hope to hear your comments regarding this operation.

13 Responses to “Dyno Trading Review: Mark Wentz, an Investment Wackadoodle!”

  1. Juan Avalo says:

    Glad I found this site. Though I would never spend that kind of money on a “system”, still bad that he is out here ripping people off.

  2. Milan says:

    Do you have any info on trader dale

    1. TopedgeFX Team says:

      No we dont but we can investigate. Kindly give us the website

      1. M says:

        I can give you everything but no need to investigate my lawyers and the fact are investigating him as we speak

        1. ritesh patel says:

          Can you contact me. my email is

          he has taken over 4000 of my money and now does not want to return it. total fraud.

      2. M says:

        I can give you everything but no need to investigate my lawyers and the fact are investigating him as we speak

  3. mike jones says:

    thanks so much for this review

  4. Al Gray says:

    Thanks. Lots of information out there. Definitely some good and some not so good.

    His youtube channel has 18k subscribers so he definitely has some believers. As I understand it, you can develop your own AI on Ninja Platform so why would anyone pay to use Ninja and then pay to use his service.

    I looked on the website of Dynotrading to search for a price before I read your review. They do not advertise a price. They do set you up with a meeting to have Mark tell you what you are doing wrong. Literally verbatim what is mentioned on their website. I make many times more every day than what they guarantee I would make with their software. I actually learned how to trade options from a real Prop trading firm for half the amount of money. At no time did the professionals at SMB ever try to scam anyone. Everything is up front.

    1. m says:

      I contacted Mark when I needed help and what I need to do if it was wrong I got f**k you or he never responded I have all his message I have all his emails dont try to help this man if you are with him If your a paying customer like me and tell him things that are happening he doesn’t want that he wants people to give praise to his sysyem since its so good I lost 3,500 with him He doesn’t want to contact me stop sugar coating sh***t I am forbidden to reach out now as this is sent to my lawyer and we will find him did anyone due diligence why he claims to be cme group and he started a prop trading firm hes been doing it for 20 years but your phone number he has is a new jersey number what did he move hmmmmmmmmmmmm no worries all these websites Im collecting information and im forwarding it all to my lawyer and the ftc everything

      1. Bruce J Smith says:

        He helped me set up my software. I paid $1500 for 2 months to try it.
        I didn’t stay with long enough to fully test. Partly because I didn’t master the retracements entry.

  5. NQTrader says:

    In the past, I have contacted Mark, as I was also interested in this software. After only a few questions from my side, he became extremely rude and blatantly told me to get lost and not contact them again. Surely,that’s not how you conduct business. I am not sold on him or this so-called software. If it was so great, why would he still, after so many years, still be trying to sell this on cyberspace? I would imagine, he could have retired in the Bahamas already if the software was so mind-blowingly fantastic.

  6. michael says:

    I have spent over 2k with him. Keeps coming up with crap that doesn’t work with crazy stop loss. His software is crap and his attitude stinks. Stay away from this douche and complete scam.

  7. Leroy says:

    I had a massive falling out with him when he was bringing out a new software and I mentioned I had been with him for a while so any discount and then he switched on me with some nasty comments to me a customer. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and also why he was doing customer support on a Sunday night. Anyway that was in Feb and I unsubscribed from his emails. His attitude really stinks though I did like his videos.

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