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Dynamic Trend Trader Review: Scam Trading Indicator

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Dynamic Trend Trader is a Forex indicator for trading any currency pair and time frame.

The developer wants traders to know that Dynamic Trend Trader is a “professional level trading system” that usually costs $1,495 but have decided to price it at $97.

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We review these trading indicators from time to time and occasionally, developers make these claims to attract buyers.

Also, most indicators cost $100 or less. Trading indicators that may cost $200 or more certainly have additional features to make work easier.

So before the creator can convince us that the true cost of Dynamic Trend Trader is $1,000, they need to demonstrate much more in their sales pitch.

They need to prove that it does not repaint.

And two, they need to tell us what trading strategies and logic were considered in the algorithm.

Dynamic Trend Trader review

From there, we can decide whether or not the Dynamic Trend Trader is a worthwhile indicator to buy at any price.

But first, they need to tell us who they are and what their trading background and development experience is.

Unfortunately the developer’s name and background isn’t included in the sales page.

We’re basically dealing with an anonymous vendor who expects the community to trust and give them the benefit of doubt.

In addition to this, the Dynamic Trend Trader website does not have a contact email address or a phone number.

It seems traders must order a license first to initiate any conversations with the vendor.

The way we see it is that this is not a good sign at all and even if we’re promised a 7 day money back guarantee, processing a refund will prove to be a daunting task.

Dynamic Trend Trader review

According to the creator of Dynamic Trend Trader system, this is the only trading tool that the community will ever need.

They also want traders to know that their indicator is extremely powerful. It is built to show multiple buy/sell entries and exits in any market.

There’s also a short video on the homepage where the vendor describes the working of the Dynamic Trend Indicator.

I’ve reviewed that video and saw that there’s nothing really special about this indicator other than the colorful dots used to signal entries and exits.

They also tell traders that this indicator can be used by swing traders, day traders or those who want to scalp the Forex market.

In addition to this, the tool is allegedly efficient in trading uptrends, downtrends or even ranging markets (markets that move sideways).

It is hard to believe that a trading indicator can be so effective in all market situations, time frames and currency pairs.

The vendor of Dynamic Trend Trader appears to be focused in making a sale than proving to the community that this indicator works.

If it works in all markets, then it must mean that the trading logic is optimized for these conditions.

Unfortunately, the vendor does not say anything about the trading logic, how entries and exits are picked and so on.

The video on the sales page is basically a guide showing traders what the blue, red and yellow dots mean when they appear on a chart.

Therefore, the kind of information that we need is missing.

They also tell us that Dynamic Trend Trader identifies trends, trend strength or weakness, pullbacks (for identifying the best entries) and stop loss zones.

Although this tool identifies areas for take profit and stop loss respectively, they believe advanced traders can use it to set their own TP and SL.

Breakdown of product features

Trading platform: MT4

Currency pairs: All

Timeframe: All

Price: $97

Strategy: Trend following, ranging markets and pullback

Trading results of the Dynamic Trend Trader

We said initially that the vendor is focused on promoting this tool based on how it works but they are not going into the specifics of the trading logic.

That means they won’t go into details where they prove to us their profitability with this indicator.

In fact, while going through the sales page, I got the impression that the vendor was not using this tool to trade at all.

There’s no past performance or link to their So this definitely means the developer is making his money from the sale of licenses and not from using their product to trade by themselves.

Here, we only recommend indicators that have proven trading performance and positive results for that matter.

When we recommended the DNA Scalper, we absolutely knew that it was a premium trading indicator with good results.

We are actually disappointed to see that this indicator has no past performance or trading results.

Customer reviews

I’ve not seen any reviews of the Dynamic Trend Trader yet.

The product is very new based on the date in which the domain of the website was created.

So that is why there are no reviews yet but in due course of time, we might see reviews of the Dynamic Trend Trader on popular forums.

At the moment, I should take this opportunity to ask you to leave your comments behind.


The Dynamic Trend Trader indicator is not something we can recommend because the developer didn’t provide a sales pitch that persuades.

We use facts to make judgement and formulate opinions. An anonymous vendor does not inspire confidence and if they can’t prove how profitable the tool is, then it’s best not to waste your $97 on this product.

I hope this Dynamic Trend Trader review was insightful and helpful. Drop your comments now if you have any experience with this indicator.

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2 Comment on this post

  1. I’m the developer of Dynamic Trend Trader. I resent the fact that this so called “review” tells people to not waste their time with my product because I don’t have a “sales pitch that persuades”. A winning forex system is not about persuasive sales pitches but products that WORK! We gave GREAT feedback from our customers and almost NO refunds in spite of our 7 Day money back guarantee. If TopedgeFX Team was a SERIOUS review they would have purchased the product and/or contacted me.
    Try is for yourself.. there’s a 7 Day money back guarantee so you have NOTHING to lose:

    Topedgefx, I see you have to approve this message for it to be posted. Likely you won’t… but if you have any integrity you will.

    1. Sir, if you prove that you actually trade with this tool, we will not even need a 7 day money back guarantee. It simply won’t be necessary. All we requested was a sample of your trading with this indicator. That should have been included in your sales page. Kindly read the review to understand the issues we raised against your indicator and why we cannot recommend it at this time.

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