Dsdaq.com Review: A Crypto Scam?

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Dsdaq.com is a Crypto investment website registered to SEVEN MILE BEACH from Grand Cayman.

We recommend investing with a managed Crypto trading service or any of these services where you can actually trade your own Crypto using a reliable bot.

That said, Dsdaq claims that they’re making investment easier by letting users trade 300+ popular assets in just a few clicks.

Investors are provided with Crypto contract and spot trading in addition to “mining of OD”, which they claim will give financial freedom.

OD is a decentralized token issued by Dsdaq. This token is allegedly issued for free to investors and partners of Dsdaq Market Ltd.

Dsdaq.com review

On this platform, traders can utilize Cryptocurrencies to trade stocks, ETFs, Indices, Commodities and other assets.

Dsdaq.com claims that this kind of trading attracts zero transaction fees while also giving out their OD token for free.

The only fees that they charge appears to be on their spot trading products where they charge 0.1%, 0.02% for makers and 0.05% for takers.

To get started with Dsdaq.com, traders have to download the company’s app onto their phone, deposit Crypto on their wallet and trade the assets.

Nevertheless, we realize that there are risks in this industry because it looks like every other Crypto investing service is a scam.

Our review of the Dsdaq.com website will let you know whether or not this company is truly offering a legit way to build a Crypto portfolio.

Dsdaq.com review

The website is giving us a couple of reasons why they believe to be the best company in this space.

They provide logos of established entities which allegedly endorsed Dsdaq.

These endorsements are definitely suspicious as some websites which are listed with their logos on the homepage have never endorsed this Crypto trading service.

They also tell us that their servers are collocated in financial data centers where speed of execution is 3.08ms, in addition to safety guarantee where they use 256-bit encryption technology.

Dsdaq is also claiming that they have 200K plus global customers and $50,000,000 in daily trade volume.

There’s no way to verify the trade volume that goes through this website on a daily basis.

However, we are absolutely sure that this website does not have this number of active customers since it receives a significantly small traffic.

Who are the people behind Dsdaq?

The about us page of this website does not mention Steve Mile Beach as the owner.

Instead, they provide a list of 3 guys named Bart, Matt and Edison.

These guys have allegedly worked the largest asset management firms for many years.

They’ve also “worked at Wall Street”. In fact, Edison bought his first Bitcoin when it was $15 only.

This website seems to have a team of experienced professionals. However, they fail to provide full names and Linkedin profiles in order to make our investigative work easier.

Thus we can’t verify their alleged experienced in the financial sector.

All in all, we don’t fully trust websites that use mediocre type of introduction when letting us know who their team members are.

Dsdaq.com copied lines from Bitmex

This is their greatest undoing. There are a couple of lines in their introduction page where they pulled statements directly from Bitmex.

If they are a legitimate company, why would they copy paste sentences from another company’s website?

They can’t possibly be providing financial freedom if they can’t contract simple sentences that introduce their service to the world.

Just in case you’re wondering which statements they copied, here’s an example:

The founding team of Dsdaq consists of best-of-class professionals in finance, software development, cyber security and high-frequency algorithmic trading”



In as much as Dsdaq.com has a professional website and is acting like a legitimate Crypto broker doing things differently, we still lack confidence in their service.

They did not provide information about their regulatory status either, and probably this explains why they’re operating from an offshore location.

We don’t trust OD token either because there are hundreds of tokens such as this one that are valueless.

Scam artists only use them to draw attention to their project and make people sign up.

In conclusion, we will not recommend this Crypto broker. Of course we will watch this space to keep tabs with any changes that might be put in place.

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