Dominate Day Trading Review

Dominate Day Trading is a company that offers proprietary indicators, trading education, personalized coaching and account funding.

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They are not very different from Forex Day Trading or any other vendor that I’ve reviewed here before.

For traders operating their funded accounts, DominateDayTrading claims to give them 60% to 80% of the profits generated.

The company’s marketing materials also proclaim that they’re providing a way for people to quickly supplement or replace their income.

They want traders to know that Dominate Day Trading has helped traders reach financial freedom.

There are a couple of “video testimonials” showing people who claim to have achieved financial freedom by day trading with this company.

In fact, their video marketing page talks about how the owner of Dominate Day Trading made $500 in 20 minutes.

In another video, they talk about earning $625 in 20 minutes.

dominate day trading review
Dominate Day Trading homepage

The trading educator is basically babbling with lots of technical analysis stuff.

This is not proof of live trading with consistent performance.

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Is Dominate Day Trading legit?

This is yet another trading educator promising quick financial freedom to the less experienced trader.

If you want to trade like a professional, you should buy your trading software from people who don’t promise overnight riches.

You should know that trading is about patience and that is why our audience are so successful with the above recommended products.

Dominate Day Trading is also offering a 30 day trial. Prices have not been mentioned upfront.

The 30 day trial promises the following:

Live data trading, chat support, group education session, access to proprietary indicators etc.

One on one coaching, weekly trade webinars, phone and email support are also part of the deal.

Should you sign up for Dominate Day Trading?

The trading educator has not verified their income claims.

The owner of DominateDayTrading has also not provided 6 months of live trading performance to verify their claims.

Yet they want to give you financial freedom!

I’m afraid that this is just another clever trading indicator salesman.

For you to sell indicators, you must also analyze “live trades” on a chat and pretend to be a successful day trader by all means.


The purpose of the 30 day trial is to rope you in.

Once the trading educator has your contacts, they can convince you through aggressive marketing tactics.

Also, forget about account funding as they come with hidden rules.

Thanks for the Dominate Day Trading review.

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