Digital Premium Trade Review: Is a Scam?

Digital Premium Trade is definitely a scam. They tell prospective consumers that is a “trusted Forex and Cryptocurrency platform”. The question is how can they be trusted if the site is barely popular? As a matter of fact, the broker is not licensed, despite providing a US physical address where brokers are required to register their services with the CFTC. If you want to trade and remain profitale in the business, you start with these Forex and CFDs brokers and you make sure that you’re using the right software, education materials or signals.

Meanwhile, as we browse the pages of this scam site, we can only see one lie after the other. Digital Premium Trade pretends to have over 10,000 clients but this is not true. The website receives less than 10 visitors per day. They’re also marketing auto trading but the question is who are these traders that provide copy trading to other clients? Can we see their verified performance stats to decide whether or not we want to copy their trades?

Digital Premium Trade Review: How they scam you

The broker is peddling a trading platform where investors can “make profits in minutes”. This is the allure of binary options trading, and nearly everyone losses money out of these bogus trading instruments.

Digital Premium Trade is deceptive in their marketing language as they claim to be the “leading Crypto broker with innovative platform” yet we have no idea who owns or runs the platform.

There is no company information anywhere on this website. Their supposed physical address (150 N Michigan Ave, Chicago IL 60601,United states) is leading us to Smurfit-Stone Building. We went from office to office in search for Digital Premium Trade but found nothing. These guys don’t have a physical location in that area. So they’re probably using a fake address as the business is run virtually.

Digital Premium Trade copy trading

Many traders don’t understand the mechanics involved in finding the right copy trading platform.

The right copy trading platform begins with the right Forex and CFDs broker that will not steal your money.

Forget Keler Group scam and other brokers that have no respect for your hard-earned cash.

Digital Premium Trade is operated by scammers, so the platform cannot be legitimately used for copy trading.

Their marketing material suggest that they are running a copy trading software called Hitfex. We’ve never heard of this copy trading software. So we don’t know how good it is.

But rest assured that copy trading is what is using to scam newbies. Newbies with money to start trading can sign up for “copy trading” and lose all their deposit.

An “account manager” can also convince them to deposit more money in order to make millions overnight.

Fake profit will appear on the dashboard. This is because the “account manager” is none other than the scammer who runs the website. Avoid.

What to do if you have been scammed by

I have made it easier for my audience to start filing for chargebacks. We are relying on a legitimate and licensed money recovery agency to do this for you.

But you must take the step of filling in the form that I included in this review. You can also use live chat function if this is easier for you.

99.9% of cases are successful. So definitely you will recover your money if you have a valid case. A valid case is where you can show proof that these guys scammed you. This can be in form of screenshots of your conversation with the crooks.

The conclusion

Digital Premium Trade is a cheap binary options scam. Their website does not look very inspiring, so not many people will fall for their tricks, although it is certain that they will capture some victims.

I wrote this review because I genuinely wanted to warn those might have contemplated using this phony broker.