DeVere Crypto Review: Is Legit App?

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Welcome to our DeVere Crypto review. DeVere Crypto is a Crypto app by a company called DeVere Investment Ltd.

The company’s marketing materials claim that their app simplifies the process of managing Cryptocurrencies.

These functions include buying, selling, storing and exchanging of Cryptocurrencies.

DeVere Crypto website claims that you can use fiat currencies to obtain Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and so on.

The app has allegedly been designed to suit both newbies and experienced traders alike.

In fact, DeVere Crypto suggests that their app has an effective design and user interface

Because this is an investment app, it means that users will be expecting to generate some revenue.

After scouring their website to put the puzzle together, we’re here with a review that thoroughly describes DeVere Crypto.

How different is this app from a Crypto arbitrage trading app like Bitsgap?

Also, those of you who want to trade Forex can automate their trading using these resources. 

DeVere Crypto review

DeVere Crypto promotion materials proclaim that they have created an app that makes it easy to manage your portfolio.

You can store and manage your Crypto using this this app. They also claim it is secure and can also serve as a Crypto wallet.

devere crypto review

Users can also monitor their market positions using the app. This means they can trade Crypto just the same way they can trade them on a Crypto exchange.

DeVere Crypto app facilitates trading by providing live charts with price feeds spanning across various time frames.

The app also includes a stop loss to limit losses. So far, this is all that the app can offer.

DeVere Crypto review: the questions you should ask

While this app sounds legitimate, users must understand that the app is all about investing and managing their portfolio.

If it’s about managing your portfolio, it would mean storing and tracking their prices. If price goes higher than the buying price, you make some profit. When price drops, you lose money.

This is trading but not in the traditional sense where you don’t actually own the coins.

However, in the event that your’re intending to use DeVere Crypto app to trade Crypto, you’d need to fund your account and actually perform some fundamental and technical analysis.

This requires sufficient trading experience. Actually, you should be having the experience of a hedge fund if you don’t intend to use an automated trading bot like Bitsgap.

The problem with an app like DeVere Crypto is that it cannot be integrated with a third party bot which facilitates automated trading the way it’s done in an exchange.

You’d need to study the charts manually and make critical decisions before entering positions or canceling them.

The average Crypto trader cannot make consistent profits in a setup like this one.

However, if DeVere Crypto is to be used strictly for portfolio management where trading is not involved, then the app could be handy.

On the other hand, questions arise where safety of funds is involved. They say the app is secure but the question is how secure is the app?

According to the company’s promotion materials, users who want to login must use a pass code.

Users of DeVere Crypto also have an option to setup 2FA for extra layer of security.

These are the standards of protecting one’s account.

However, with any security standards in place, technology keeps evolving and it has also been reported that hackers have been bypassing certain types of 2FA security.

DeVere Crypto review: what we love about the app

DeVere Crypto provides support in a number of ways. These include calls, live chat and FAQ to answer any questions that users might have.

Secondly, the app lets users cash out either in fiat or Crypto. This is for convenience.

What we don’t like about this crypto tracker

The KYC process is tedious. Uploading from device is not supported.

We’d love DeVere Investment Ltd to fix this. Otherwise, users might be forced to look elsewhere because we believe DeVere Crypto is not the only Crypto tracker.

We also hate the fact that loading of funds cannot be done in Visa or MasterCard.

Most users want to fund their accounts using a card and if this option is not supported, it becomes a terrible mistake.

DeVere Crypto review: who is this Crypto tracker for?

The truth is, if you’re looking for passive income or a second source of income, Devere Crypto app might not be for you.

Those of you wanting to generate side revenue should consider active trading rather than “Crypto management” in a Crypto tracker app.

However, if you have a lot of money and you just want some of it in form of Cryptocurrencies stored somewhere, then this app is for you.

Beware: We’re increasingly being discouraged against storing Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies online.

Those who are aware of risks involved prefer cold storage rather than storing in exchange or mobile wallets.


DeVere Crypto isn’t necessarily a bad Crypto tracker. However, it targets a different kind of consumer.

It targets those with disposable income who simply want some form of Crypto to store.

If you’re the average guy looking to generate revenue on a monthly basis, this will not suite you.

Thanks for reading our DeVere Crypto review.  If you’re interested in Forex automated trading, you can also check out these solutions. 

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