This DeckInvest review proves that the website is neither mining nor trading Cryptocurrencies as stated on the sales page.

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Deck Invest is owned and operated by Deck Trade Invest Ltd and they’re using the usual bogus UK address.

Admins can be reached through +44 7441417777 or through email/chat for further questioning.

They claim to have existed for the last 5 years. This is not likely because the site’s domain is just 2 months old.

Is DeckInvest legit?

This is not a legitimate investment website. In fact, that is the reason they’re using falsified testimonials to persuade curious users.


These testimonials were obviously made from Fiverr website.

The owner of Deck Invest basically paid someone to create shot clips that tell lies about the service.

We have bogus video testimonials here.

Secondly, there are a couple of “investment plans” listed on the sales page.

Minimum investment is just $50. With this amount, you can earn 1.8% daily returns and up to 640% at the end of investment duration.

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They’re also lying that customer deposits are insured.


DeckInvest is a scam site just like MuBitcoin which intends to steal 1 Bitcoin.

Don’t fall for their ads on Google or even think that they will ever return money once it is sent to them.

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