Review: Deal Trade a Crypto Scam? is claiming to provide passive source of income for investors.

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Deal Trade is touting a Crypto investment operation where traders will earn 3% daily forever.

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The company is accepting a minimum deposit of $10 which is a very small deposit indeed. We wonder what kind of trading can be done with $10 only.

Besides, they claim that the company behind this website is known as Deal Trade Inc LTD.

This company was created on 7th October 2020 and is associated with one person called BRAMER, Adam.

However, notice that Deal Trade’s website does not introduce the name of the person running the website.

They only talk about their company and how they trade in various Cryptocurrencies.

The company does not even tell us which exchanges they are trading in, what type of experience they have and what assurance they’re giving investors. review

The aim of this vendor is to sell a “service” where they claim to provide a way to earn passive income.

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The alleged returns are too good to be true. Let’s start from there.

We have never seen these returns from any sort of trading on the internet, let alone in Cryptocurrency trading.

Therefore, this promise would be the first red flag.

If you come across a website like Deal Trade claiming to invest in Crypto with the intention of providing 3% daily return, you should probably not bother to sign up because they are a scam. trading strategy and performance results

Every serious fund manager should provide a quick overview of their trading methodology and results as well.

We just don’t want to see vague statements where they say the company uses “highly intelligent and self-learning trading systems” to make profit.

We would have appreciated if they went into the specifics. Otherwise we will assume that no trading is happening at all.

Why would a fund manager claim to trade when he does not even bother to explain their methodology to investors?

Also, we’re concerned with trading performance. This company is very new in the first place.

We can’t trust them because they just showed up the other day.

However, if they had provided their trading results for at least 3 months or even 1 year, we would have given them a chance.

Deal Trade is a ponzi scheme or a HYIP

Do you know what a ponzi scheme or a HYIP is?

These are websites that collect money from financially naïve people before they can use part of that money to pay back investors.

Deal Trade is just a HYIP and the dangers of getting involved with these scams is that they can decide to keep your deposit altogether.

No profits are guaranteed because there is no genuine trading behind the curtains.

Conclusion is a scam by the way. We don’t see how a Crypto fund manager will present a service like this while not bothering to tell us the facts we want to hear.

How do we even verify that they are indeed traders? Their company registration details show that only one person is in charge of this website.

Is this person going to handle all the trading? Where are his trading results?

All of these questions don’t have answers because is a scam.

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