DCMgroup.io Review: Illegal and Scam Broker

Dcmgroup.io is the website of an illegal CFDs broker. Their website states that investors can use the platform to find and compare the best Crypto exchange rates. Further investigations reveal that DCMgroup is actually providing trading services too where the minimum deposit is $250.

It appears that they have combined financial advisory services with brokerage services in one platform, and this is where the problem starts.

As a matter of fact, Dcmgroup is not regulated by any financial oversight authority. In addition to this, they are an offshore broker.

This is why majority of victims are now seeking to get recover their money from this scam broker. If you’re one of the victims, you can CLICK HERE to learn how to get your lost money back.

Is DCMgroup legit?

The broker is obviously not legit. Due to their criminal activities, the financial regulator in Belgium has also sounded an alarm by adding this illegal broker into their scam broker list.

In short, the regulator is warning its citizens as well as anybody who dares listen because this broker will steal money from anywhere regardless of which country the victim is coming from.

The problem with these unregulated CFDs brokers is that they are often a fly-by-night operation. Their websites are never reliable. You invest now and when you wake up the next day, the website is gone without a trace.

Is your funds safe?

The primary objective of a website like DCMgroup is to steal your deposit. This is why they don’t bother with getting a license since they can’t qualify for one either.

Therefore, your funds are obviously not safe in the hands of these guys. You can only avoid them if you do not want losses.

By the way, the broker is also anonymous as they fail to disclose details of their CEO and team members. You don’t want to invest with a broker that lacks transparency.

DCMgroup review: The conclusion

We ask you to avoid this corny broker as they are out to cause losses to the unsuspecting trader. If you have lost money in the hands of this broker, you can now get it back. Just CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.