Day Trading Academy Review (DTA): The Marcello Arrambide Scam!

Do you want to become a member of Day Trading Academy by Marcello Arrambide? You should be in for a horrible surprise.

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For a minute, let’s forget the positive Day Trading Academy reviews all over the internet because they’re obviously done by people who receive kickbacks from Marcello Arrambide (aka Market Whisperer).

Day Trading Academy (DTA) has even setup a reviews page on their website where they upload dozens of supposed success stories.

The authenticity of these success stories cannot be confirmed. In fact, not a single person has ever confirmed that they are making consistent returns because they got mentored by Marcello Arrambide’s Day Trading Academy.

Secondly, if you believed that Marcello Arrambide is a trader, you are probably one of those people who got sucked into his tricks, thanks to his A-class marketing tactics.

day trading academy review

He is a lifestyle traveler. Once he collects the $3,000 from you, he goes to exotic holiday destinations while making you believe that his riches are made from trading.

Most people who have come across this Day Trading academy say to themselves that …”Well, if Marcello can trade while traveling and having fun, trading must be fun indeed.”

What they don’t know is that Mercello does not have a real record of trading performance and his 16 years prowess as a trader cannot be verified either.

The owner of Day Trading Academy is a gimmicky sales man and not a trader at all. Most of his income is made from selling his trading program to students.

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Day Trading Academy Review

Thanks for reading the Day Trading Academy review. There are two websites associated with Marcello Arrambide. These are and

The owner of this trading school maintains the following social media pages and a travel blog as well.



Wondering Trader

Speed Up Trader

None of the above social media pages are suggesting that this guy is a professional trader. Instead, it is becoming even more apparent that this is a tourist as opposed to a trader.

What does Day Trading Academy offer?

It offers written, audio and video formats of trading education.

The DTA program contains the following things:

  • How to install Ninja Trader……………………… for heaven sake you can learn this for free online
  • Installing workspace and trading indicators………….. this too can be learned for free
  • How to use Ninja Trader…………..this too
  • Basics of Futures and Emini Trading
  • Ninja Trader charts
  • Basic market movements and understanding market momentum
  • Reversal patterns
  • Support and resistance
  • Fibonacci retracements and extensions
  • Keltner channel bands
  • The funny yellow line
  • MACD Bollinger Bands

All of the above require students to drop a cool $3,000 upfront. Is there a guarantee that this course will help one to make consistent returns as traders?

NO would be the answer judging by the fact that Mercello is not a trader himself. Many people talk about trading but very few are actually professional traders with verified performance record.

So how do you put 3k into the hands of a quack?

Day Trading Academy also claims that the reason people choose them is because they teach price action trading as opposed to using software and indicators.

They also have a members area where they claim to take only a limited number of students so as to focus on delivering quality trading education.

I doubt this statement because the owner of DTA program is actually a marketer and no marketer can refuse your money.

If we want to join the 10 of us now, I can bet with $10,000 now that he will beg us to come in quickly.

Therefore, all of the DTA trader program is actually not designed to help traders of all level earn a living trading all kinds of markets.

But who is Marcello Arrambide?

He is the owner of this day trading school. He claims to have over 10 years of trading experience. This experience cannot be verified though because he even looks too young to have started trading 16 years ago.

Marcello Arrambide of day trading academy

I cannot connect the missing dots between someone who is supposedly a professional trader and a travel blogger.

While investigating him, I found a load of crap all over the internet. At the core of these things were lies after lies. For example, he claims in an article that appeared on the BBC website that he borrowed $25,000 in student loans and invested it in stock trading.

Was Mercello Arrambide a former banker? Did he quite his banking job to pursue stock trading? He claims so but this information is also hard to verify.

However, what is available for our verification is that Mercello works hard round the clock to build PR articles from reputable investment websites.

This is the reason his website (Day Trading Academy) is so popular as it receives thousands of visitors every month. I can imagine the number of people who get duped by this individual with questionable track record.

How about the funded trading program at Day Trading Academy?

The trading academy is allegedly providing funding for traders as well. Details of this funded trader account program is scanty though.

I have no idea what the qualifications for getting a funded trading account are. However, my investigations have revealed that Mercello Arrambide is using a simulator to appear as if he is trading the market.

Him and his teams don’t disclose any of their trading results or even provide proof of holding a live trading account.

So how can they fund a trader genuinely if this is the case?

Now, if we go back to the basics of how a funded trader account works, we will see that a funded trader program is actually a scam.

First of all, nobody has ever made consistent returns to the point of beating the conditions which the funded trader account has placed on traders who want to qualify.

How do you expect to qualify for this funded trading program if the supposed trading educators cannot demonstrate their alleged trading prowess that they teach?

Common sense would tell you that you’re being cheated.

Another thing to realize is that all funded trading programs require some upfront fee. The owners know you will never get there. This fee is non-refundable.

So what happens when all of you lose and fail to qualify? Mercello Arrambide keeps the fees.


Dolling investment advice when you don’t have a certificate or the right qualifications is illegal. Investment charlatans love to hawk all manner of trading education on the internet.

Mercello Arrambide’s marketing skills are so good that no one can hardly suspect anything is amiss. Only when you dig deeper and use common sense will you discover the poop…… that the actual trading education is a rip off (because of the exorbitant price tag) and yet nothing that is in it that you cannot learn for cheap or for free.

Furthermore, if you accept to be taught by a losing trader who decided to re-invent a career in selling stock trading education, you are accepting to be duped.

Thanks for reading this Day Trading Education review. If you have a comment, drop it now.

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  1. Beware of Marcello says:

    Marcello owns a complex in the states, where I sadly am a tenant. He is the worst property manager. He is such a scam and there is so much evidence to prove his unprofessionalism and trace of lies. I can’t believe after doing research finding out his scams so many others.

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