Day One Traders Review

Day One Traders is operated by former students of (PATs).

Reviews of Day One Traders suggest that Michael Chin and Riley Coleman stole content from PATs and are posing as experienced trading educators.

Furthermore, the owners of Price Action Trading System are accusing the two of repackaging their content and selling it as their own.

The course in question is called “Scalping Master Class”.

In this Day One Traders scalping course, they teach “3 simple ways to extract money from a single chart”.

The cost is $397.

Based on the reputation of the two, I have no choice but to tell you that this Day One Traders review will take the worst turn.

Is Day One Traders legit?

I’ve not bought the course but I have a rough idea of what it looks like and how smelly things can turn out.

day one traders review

It’s basically repackaged material from the folks at PATs. However, some important points to note are:

  • Students will learn how to grow their account and earn full time income
  • Students gain access to a community of like-minded individuals
  • Precise trade entry checklist
  • In-depth chart breakdown

Day One Traders is focusing on futures trading and encouraging students to start with $500.

Their favorite trading platform is the NinjaTrader 8.

Even if I wanted to buy this course, and assuming I was privy with the information that they stole content, I would simply cringe.

This is the reason these folks cannot compete with some of the trading resources that we’ve recommended here over time.

I wonder how Michael and Riley of Day One Traders intend to live on the internet after they’ve smeared their name with dirt.

Not only are they illegitimate, but their course is illegal as it breaches Copyright laws.

I am yet to find out who took the course and is a successful futures trader.


The owners of Day One Traders make scalping and day trading look simple.

Ask them for their trading performance and you’ll most likely be greeted with dead silence or a couple of excuses.

Thanks for reading my Day One Traders review. I can’t spend $397 on this course.

Even if I have disagreed with trading schools like OpulenceUK, Boss Traders,, I must confess that blatant copyright is unacceptable.