Davinci FX Review: Forex EAs at davinci-fx.com

Davinci FX Group are the creators of 3 expert advisors, 2 trading tools, PAMM account, signal service and a bunch of MT4 scripts.

Their robot’s price range is between $129 and $199 respectively.

Pricing for other trading systems like indicators and scripts vary.

The company is managed by Vitaly Nemykh (Lead tester) and Roman Starostin (Lead software developer).

Both have provided brief insights of their career background in addition to personal gmail addresses.

However, if customers want to contact them using the official channels, they can shoot an email to [email protected] or make use of the integrated contact form.

As they present us with Davinci FX’s automated trading systems and services, our interest is in finding out whether they are transparent and reliable.

If we want to include them into our list of the best trading products and investment services, we must consider the experience of the duo and past performance of their products and services.

Davinci FX Review

They proclaim on their website that their signals have generated more than 1500% returns.

Davinci FX group

They also claim that the signal service has over 500 investors and their products are found among the top 50 in the MQL5 marketplace.

Signal providers have made these claims in recent times but failed to provide evidence.

Good thing is that Davinci FX has a myfxbook account for every product that they present to us.

This means we can analyze results keenly to see whether or not we are getting a truly tested Forex trading system.

With regards to the Forex robots, Davinci FX is providing Night Hawk EA, Zodiaq EA and Sakura EA.

The other two products are called Trade Helper and Breakeven definer.

Davinci FX Automated Forex EAs strategies

The Night Hawk EA uses a combination of indicators and Candlestick patterns.

Furthermore, the EA is making use of several filters to control the number of positions that can be opened, currency pair, drawdown and news trading.

We looked at Zodiaq EA and found that this software is relying on support and resistance, mood of the market and impulse.

It also comes with a feature known as “intellectual capital management ability”.

As for the Sakura EA, we’re told that it is an Asian session Forex robot that trades multiple currency pairs through counter-trend strategy.

It seeks for triggers like price going outside boundaries in order to execute.

Like Night Hawker EA, it comes with multiple filters which ensures proper trade management.

Davinci FX website has provided all the details needed for traders to make a decision. You can study them in the company’s website.

Forex Signals

Their signals are offered through the MQL5 platform. They include the following:

  • NewGeneric
  • MyEnlightenment
  • Shikari
  • Synery Motus
  • Quadrant Welfare
  • Night Hawk
  • Firmum Fiduciam Motus

Every signal service above has a strategy. Information about the respective signals can be found on the website of Davinci FX group.

It is also important to note that these signals are offered in a PAMM account setup.

Trading performance

The Night Hawk EA has a myfxbook account that is not fully verified.

Gain is +186.24% while Abs. Gain is +109.73%.

These figures should essentially be the same if the developer only credited their trading account once.

Some doggy developers might use this trick to create the impression that their system is profitable…. just keep this in mind.

And we do not like the drawdown as it is currently at 41.35%.

Other myfxbook results that have been provided are for EAs and trading systems like Sakura EA and Firmum Fiducium Motus.

Sakura EA’s myfxbook account is fully verified, and trading has been happening since December 2019.

Gain and Abs. Gain are the same, currently at +20.42%. Monthly return is 1.99% while drawdown is 4%.

These results are consistent but we also see that returns are minimal.

It seems the strategy is low risk but overall, the performance is stable.

With regards to the other system (Firmum Fiducium Motus), we see a sharp disparity in gain and Abs. Gain.

This is attributed to the fact that the system is being used in a PAMM account setup.

Remember what we said earlier that when you keep depositing funds into your broker account, the metrics for gain and abs. gain will be different.

This myfxbook account is fully verified. Again, Davinci FX Group used a low risk strategy that is similar to that which is used by Sakura EA.


Davinci FX Group seem to know what they are doing.

However, take note that their trading systems are not after big gains.

We don’t know how frequent updates come through because we feel that the EAs’ best performance was in the yesteryears.

Thanks for reading. We look forward to your feedback.