Daisy AI Review (endotech.io Securities Scam)

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Welcome to our Daisy AI review. D.A.I.S.Y AI is a project of Endotech.io and its full name is Decentralized AI System.

Their website is quite controversial, which is why we would never include them in our list of most recommended investing resources online.

Endotech.io first appeared online in 2018, and it claims to provide Actionable Intelligence for Fintech.

Investors who are interested in using Daisy AI are required to deposit at least $100.

They only accept Tether (USDT) and not any other currency or Cryptocurrency.

The website of Endotech claims that normally these strategies would cost one million dollar to access.

We doubt this statement though and we’ll be providing key insights into Daisy AI, letting you know whether Endotech.io intends to provide financial freedom or scam you.

Daisy AI Review: Is it an Endotech.io Scam?

To ascertain the truth, we start with the backgrounds of the people who run Endotech.

The company claims that they provide Crypto trading bot solutions out of Israel.

However, their physical address is leading us to a restaurant instead of the premises where the company is allegedly based at.

The company’s heads are Anna Becker and Dmitry Gushchin.

Anna Becker has spent a fair amount of her time launching one failed Cryptocurrency investing/trading website after the other.

Both their profiles claim that they’re operating from Israel.

However, their work history does not suggest that they have any experience or success with Crypto trading.

It’s important to note that Dmitry Gushchin is a dubious character as he intentionally gives the wrong spelling on Endotech website to confuse visitors.

Our investigations found out that his real name is Dmitry Gooshchin.

Other than getting associated with a shady company called Fractom nearly a decade ago, this guy does not appear to have done anything successful on the internet.

As a matter of fact, these people are now reinventing themselves in order to create the perception that they are Cryptocurrency investing experts.

This is where Daisy AI is coming in.

Why Daisy AI is an MLM and not legit investing

There are 10 investment plans with minimum deposit starting $100 while the top tier costing $51,200.

Daisy AI marketing materials suggest that investing in any of these plans will return 3% daily ROI.

This is a very high amount of ROI. it would mean 90% monthly return, which is far from being realistic.

Secondly, the website also rewards members for recruiting new members.

In addition to this, Daisy AI also rewards trading bonuses and Equity shares.

The specifics are provided on the website.

Isn’t this how MLMs work?


Daisy AI is basically a Ponzi scheme and a scam.

These scams will always pretend to use AI bots to generate returns for investors.

In fact, there is no ponzi scheme that never uses the idea of AI trading to fool investors.

The truth is that they are snatching funds from victim B to pay member A.

The other truth is that when you run an MLM and promises passive returns, you are offering Securities fraud.

This also means that Endotech.io itself is a con man’s game.

Ultimately, if you invest in this internet scam, you will lose your money.

Majority of victims lose money to ponzi schemes and Daisy AI is no different.

Thank you for reading our review.

2 thoughts on “Daisy AI Review (endotech.io Securities Scam)”

  1. Very concerned about this company they are taking in 10’s of millions from friends of mine and I do NOT believe it’s legitimate.

  2. I have yet to find anyone who has successfully made a withdrawal based on the trading.
    I was approached by a friend and saw some impressive screenshots of his trading platform but where it shows amount withdrawn it constantly says 0.
    The answer was basically waffle, but included that there was a relaunch.
    I chose not to get involved as there were too many bad reviews and he couldn’t explain clearly the withdrawal process. Too much in question


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