Dacxicoin.io Review: The Dacxi Coin SCAM Continues

Thanks for reading the Dacxicoin.io review. Dacxi Coin is promoted as the “Cryptocurrency of the Dacxi chain”. Sales material claims that the token will be used in ‘global crowdfunding systems’. But at the same time, the original promoter of this ponzi scheme (Ed Ludbrook) stated that the token is an internal community coin, just like airline miles. In other words, it means the coin cannot be used outside the Dacxi ecosystem, hence this negates its supposed use as a global crowdfunding token.

Meanwhile, Dacxicoin.io is running alongside the infamous dacxi.com ponzi scheme. You can read full story here and if you’ve been scammed by this entity, I implore you to fill in the form below or use the live chat function at the bottom of this page to request a chargeback. You will be guided accordingly — only your cooporation is needed.

Dacxi Coin (Dacxicoin.io) Review: It’s not legit, it’s a scam

The official website is peddling the coin by lying to investors that it has tremendous commercial value, thanks to the idea that it will power “global crowdfunding systems”.

What they call “game-changing” technology is a complex scheme where investors are hustled into purchasing the worthless coin in exchange for passive ROI.

Dacxicoin.io even claims that fees will only be paid in this coin, not fiat and not in any other mainstream Cryptocurrency.

But keep in mind that investors are implored to spend fiat currency in order to obtain this supposedly powerful coin.

They emphasize that the coin will be used internally to make “global product payment”.

They also talk about customer acquisition where they state that the coin is being used as an incentive for paying those who have brought in new customers. Remember that the scam is also running a ponzi scheme via their dacxi.com website. This will mean that recruiters are being paid in Dacxi coin, and literally every member is being paid using this coin.

The owners of this company have listed the coin with a couple of phony exchanges like HitBTC, BitForex (another scam that steals clients funds by freezing their accounts), Consbit and Uniswap.

Listing a token isn’t a big deal as the owners of those exchanges only need to be paid for that to happen. So this shouldn’t be used to convince anyone that the coin has value and good potential.

How do we track the stats so that we know whether Dacxi Coin is doing well or poorly?

Well, data can be found on the CoinMarketCap website. However, CoinMarketCap says they have not verified the circulating supply of this coin.

And recently the price of Dacxi coin is rising sharply yet there’s no news or anything that can be attributed to the rise.

This appears to be a pump and dump tactic from the owners of the company. This trick is commonly used in the stock market, and it is illegal.

Investors of this coin need to be afraid as the market cap of Dacxicoin is not known. I wonder how a supposedly big project like Dacxi is not able to verify these details to make investors comfortable. This is a red flag.

Dirty background of the Dacxi Coin scam

When we carried out investigations into the background of the token founders and the project as a whole, we found a can of worms. There are 8 different corporate entities that are associated with the Dacxi coin scam. These corporate entities are registered in countries like UK, Australia, Singapore and Malta.

The entire project is tied to one Ed Ludbrook, a guy that is infamous for promoting OneCoin scam despite knowing very well that the project was a ponzi scheme.

OneCoin scam stole millions of dollars from investors leaving them with losses. And in as much as investigations began in countries like the UK and Finland with regards to the scam, there are no reports of investors recovering their money. Perhaps it’s because of lack of knowledge. Majority of the victims don’t know that they can request chargeback and get back everything they lost.

Meanwhile, the purpose for incorporating several companies in multiple countries is to create a complex structure that even the authorities will find it rough investigating. This is exactly what Dacxi group of companies is doing.

See, even the UK law enforcement dropped their inquiry into the OneCoin $4 billion swindle.

What’s the role of Ed Ludbrook in the Dacxicoin.io scam?

This guy is marketing himself as an MLM advisor, network strategic consultant, public speaker and trainer.

At one point, there was a claim that he is an advisor to the Dacxi project. In another instance, he acted as the owner of this project.

In the real sense, Ed Ludbrook is just a face or a cover up because the real owners of the ponzi scheme are hiding somewhere in an offshore location.

Truth about Dacxi coin

The coin has no real world value. That is why even Ed Ludbrook confessed that it is an internal coin used as an incentive.

How do you “pay incentive” using a worthless coin that can’t be converted into any meaningful cash?

Seeing that the coin is only circulated via an internal exchange, it would be safe to assume that liquidity is very low. Investors who buy or hold the coin will not have a place to sell their coins.

Meanwhile, the owners of Dacxi coin will have pocketed the investors’ money since paticipation into this project needs fiat or some form of Crypto payments.

In the end, investors will lose their money. They cannot take this coin anywhere since it does not have any real world value.

The Conclusion

Do not waste your time. This is a sophisticated scam. You are going to lose money. There is nothing legitimate that is worth investing in here.

Thanks for reading the Dacxicoin.io review. You can catch more from this YouTube video.

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