Daatty Forex EA Review: is Daatty Fx Robot a Scam?

Welcome to the Daatty Forex review. This trading software vendor is selling licenses for an expert advisor called Daatty Fx Robot.

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Daatty Forex claims to have 15 years of experience in developing and testing trading strategies.

However, their website is quite new, which begs the question of how they’ve been running their business all these years without a website.

The second claim which we find interesting is that Daatty FX robot is able to generate 500 pips every month without fail.

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In fact, the developer promises that this is a guarantee. We don’t know how these results are possible to achieve every month.

If you’ve been trading Forex for a specific period of time, you know that it’s not possible to predict how many pips you’ll make every month.

We hope that these bold claims by Daatty Forex will be backed by credible trading performance.

By the way, Daatty FX robot offers two license types.

daatty forex ea robo advisor review

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A single account license goes for $999 while an unlimited account license costs $14,999.

This Forex robot is definitely pricey and we need to find out if the strategy is good and whether the developer can demonstrate what they’ve achieved so far in a myfxbook.com account.

Otherwise, we’ll assume that Daatty FX robot is in the category of Forex Armor EA, Strategy Hub FX and Trader Gold King whose vendors failed to convince us that they were selling viable trading strategies.

Daatty Forex Review

Daatty Forex website is selling an opportunity to generate passive income through their Forex robot.

Daatty Forex claims to be 100% transparent.

Nevertheless, nowhere in their website have they introduced the team of developers and traders who make and maintain updates of their Daatty robo expert advisor.

This lack of disclosure is something that does not inspire trust at all.

Even when they claim that Daatty FX robot is a “game changer”, our thinking is that this is the complete opposite of what the developer would want us to believe.

The rest of the promotion materials on the Daatty Forex robot don’t communicate meaningful content other than telling traders the benefits of using an expert advisor.

This marketing fluff is uncalled for.

Traders are looking for concrete reasons that justify the price tag of this FX robot and yet the vendor is busy repeating what an automated Forex robot can do and what it cannot do.

Trading strategy of Daatty Robo Expert Advisor

We always look at the trading strategy of a robot in every review that we publish here.

This is because traders cannot succeed without a sustainable trading strategy in a Forex robot.

Daatty Forex robot team have failed to provide us with insights of their trading strategy.

They believe that listing the following things will be sufficient enough for traders to folk out $1,000 for a license.

  • In-built money management
  • Auto take profit and stop loss
  • Set files provided/trading for all pairs supported
  • Quick 5 minute installation

And many more……..

With no trading strategy to analyze and discuss, one wonders how Daatty Forex robot approaches and trades the market.

We put this developer to task by asking them to provide a description of how Daatty Robo expert advisor works.

We discourage this type of laziness and hastiness in asking for money from innocent traders looking for good Forex robots.

Trading results for Daatty FX robot

Every trading software developer must prove that their trading strategy is viable in the long run.

Those who sell Forex EAs for several hundreds of dollars per license have the most burden of convincing traders to pay for their robots.

Daatty Forex robot sales page presents their back testing report from Strategy Tester.

Back testing is severely limiting since it does not reflect the actual performance of the Forex robot in the real market.

In fact, back testing does not have a place in the year 2020.

Developers who insist that they’re selling quality trading strategies must use third party statement sharing platform such as myfxbook.com, not back testing.

Daatty Forex robot does not provide us with their myfxbook.com account, and the reason why this is so is because the Forex robot is possibly a money loser.

Since they’re raising expectations by claiming that Daatty Forex robot guarantees 500 pips every month, it would be fair enough to prove that they’ve consistently achieved those results themselves.

Unfortunately, this vendor is considering this an area of taboo and we believe this is proof that they are not transparent.

Customer reviews or feedback on EA

Daatty Forex robot has no reviews or feedback from traders.

This could be due to the fact that it is a new Forex robot being sold on a new website that has little to no traffic.Regardless, we expect traders who have already used it to leave behind their feedback.

This Daatty Forex review will serve as a good platform to tell others what this Forex robot is like on a live account.


We definitely can’t recommend Daatty Forex EA because of the reasons stated above.

For traders to spend this much on an FX robot, the developer needs to pull up their socks by coming up with a professional presentation, not pages filled with marketing fluff.

We hope you’ll stay away from vendors such as Daatty Forex. In the meantime, you can take a look at these top recommendations.

Vendors of the above trading robots and software have verified their trading results and do not fear providing insights into their strategies if need be.

Thanks for reading this Daatty Forex review. We still look forward to your feedback.

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