CycleTrader Pro Review

CycleTrader Pro is a website that sells trading indicators and systems.

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They want traders to know that CycleTrader Pro is concerned with trading the long-term trend and tracking momentum in real time.

In addition to this, the vendor believes that successful trading relies on 3 things:


2.Fill Price

3.Exit price

Their most prominent product, GoFishPro, handles every element of the trade automatically after entry has been made.

CycleTrader Pro is owned by Jerome Bressert, a developer based in Arizona, US.

And marketing materials state that CycleTrader Pro has been providing traders with custom indicators for 25 years.

However, Jerome Bressert’s Linkedin profile depicts that Jerome Bressert has been the CEO of this company starting the year 2015.

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A check reveals that the website was actually created in December 2017.

Therefore, the “25 years of developing trading indicators” is just sales language.

When a trading product vendor uses statements like these on their sales copy, they come across as dishonest.

We’ll continue to say that it’s the reason most trading product vendor’s just can’t compete with vendors of these products.

Is CycleTrader Pro legit?

There are various elaborate price plans for obtaining indicators and trading systems on the sales page.

CycleTrader pro review

Jerome has also listed a bunch of indicators at MQL5 platform, going for $30 per license.

He offers something called Matrix Series and Indicators package.

This is basically ideas coded into one product so that it becomes one charting tool that highlight swing highs and lows.

Also, a trading room is offered. According to the sales page, live trading started in Feb 2020.

They’ve published “trading results” for their live trades starting February 2020.

One month access to the trade room is $145. A year long access costs $1740.

Of course there are various payment options too.

On the other hand, GoFishPro Trade Manager is a Ninja Trader 8 add on.

Monthly cost is $195 and a year worth of subscription will attract a price tag of $2,340.

With the various membership plans, one could pay up to $6,995 to access the trade room and indicators therein.

Jerome claims that they’re live trading and can offer a demo of his 3 products for $49 per month.

Live trading should mean that they’re actually trading with real money.

If this is the case, the disclaimer at the footer of CycleTrader Pro should not say that their results are hypothetical.

Unfortunately, this is what they say in their disclaimer.

For that reason, this Forex Sugar review was not able to score a good rating. Trading sample was extremely small.

Should you purchase a trading system from CycleTrader Pro?

If I were you, I would consider time commitment and cost.

There’s a trial for the 3 products. This trial costs $49 per month and I don’t see many traders paying just yet.

The trading performance section of the site is mediocre at best.

One must provide verifiable trading performance, not randomly listed account balances.

Also, professional background of Jerome of Cycle Trader Pro is characterized by puzzles to put together.

His profile says he was learning at Arizona state University between 1983 and 1988.

From here, there’s a huge gap up to 2015 when he claims to have founded CycleTrader Pro.

He cannot explain the gap and inconsistencies.


Although his website is sleek and seems genuine, the devil is still in the details.

I was hoping to find evidence of profitable trading from a “25 year experienced trading veteran with indicators that track “real market momentum”.

I’m disappointed to see that CycleTrader Pro has been reduced to a mere indicator shop.

However, Jerome still insists that he will make you a consistently profitable trader.

Think about it.

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