Currency Wolf Review: Trading Signals and PAMM a Scam?

Welcome to the Currency Wolf review. Currency Wolf is providing signal alerts and PAMM accounts respectively. Investors of PAMM accounts are promised a monthly return of 81% and 38% monthly return respectively.

Currency Wolf’s website also proclaims that it is the “leading signal provider” with 89% win rate.

They offer trade recommendations while reminding consumers that there signals have a very high win rate. In addition to this, they proclaim to teach what no one else is not teaching.

This is just an absolutely ridiculous claim considering that Currency Wolf is promising an 89% win rate for their signals yet even the best traders in the world have never attained and maintained this success rate.

Is Currency Wolf a scam signal and PAMM account provider?

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Currency Wolf review

The official website is professional in terms of how they present their service. However, their claims are ridiculous and even laughable….to some extent!

Currency Wolf review

For example, Currency Wolf wants traders to believe that their trade analysts have a combined experience of 45 years. However, suggests that the website was created in August 2019.

We’re not sure what reasons they could give to justify why this is so.

We prefer signal vendors that are transparent with their trading experience as opposed to those that feign legitimacy by proclaiming years of experience they don’t truly possess.

In addition to this, Currency Wolf is emphasizing on their figures and claiming to have achieved astronomical returns in their trading. The most visible part of the website declares that their numbers are speaking on behalf of their work.

Another part of the vendor’s website declares that Currency Wolf is gathering economic news from the “most prestigious news websites”. They list the following websites as their ideal economic news sources:



Anyone who has traded for some period of time knows that trading on economic news alone does not guarantee any profits, let alone the alleged 89% success rate that Currency Wolf claims to attain every day.

Currency Wolf also peddles trading systems. They’ve listed logos for companies like Reuters, Bloomberg, Zacks and so on.

Some of the companies listed on this section of the website don’t develop any trading systems. They publish economic news.

So this is a strange thing to tell consumers. It suggests that Currency Wolf is targeting the financially unsophisticated.

Moreover, they refer to themselves as “Wolves”. A wolf is a greedy animal who will devour a victim as soon as they can get a chance to.

The company has even refused to disclose names of their traders and market analysts. They claim that their company policy prohibits disclosure of names due to fear that they’ll be judged based on race, ethnicity, gender or appearance.

This is the lamest excuse we’ve ever heard from a vendor who provides trading signals and most importantly, a PAMM account. We’re not sure whether they’ll be able to defend their allegations using verifiable trading performance.

Apart from signal alerts, Currency Wolf also offers the following:

  • 100 hours of training videos
  • 1 on 1 consulting

Currency Wolf PAMM Account service

Currency Wolf provides a service called “Wolf PAMM”. Their sales page proclaims that a Wolf Pamm account lets the “pack” trade together.

Furthermore, the company has divided their PAMM service into two categories. “Packs” with high risk appetite can choose the company’s high risk PAMM account.

Investors with low risk appetite can choose the company’s “low risk PAMM account”. Currency Wolf high risk PAMM account promises a 30% monthly return while their “low risk” PAMM account promises an 18% monthly return.

Trading strategy implemented on either of these accounts have not been disclosed. The vendor only claims that their PAMM accounts gives peace of mind to their “packs”. Surely investors are not this stupid.

We need a proper disclosure of how funds will be traded in these PAMM accounts. We also need to know how Currency Wolf will manage risks in their clients’ accounts.

A transparent trading vendor will disclose this information prior to reviews like this one surfacing on the internet.

We’re not confident when it comes to how these PAMM accounts are handled. We definitely can’t take any risks or recommend them to any traders.

Currency Wolf trading results

The irony of the title is that despite Currency Wolf claiming to consistently attain 81% returns in their high risk PAMM accounts and 38% in their low-risk PAMM accounts, no verifiable trading results can reveal the same.

The vendor is using a statement sharing platform called Fibogroup to “prove” their claim. We’re not sure how strict this platform is in terms of monitoring trading results.

However, we know that vendors who avoid platforms like always have a fishy motive behind their activities.

That said, we decided to take a look at Currency Wolf trading performance just to see what they had to present.

Their analytics (as at the time of writing this review) reveals that monthly profit is -32.17% and draw down is -44.31.

Daily profit is 0.96%. These numbers are a sharp contrast of what is presented on the vendor’s page. The high draw down is an absolute turn off. In fact, if we give this statement sharing platform the benefit of doubt, odds are that Currency Wolf is cheating us.

Besides this, Currency Wolf also tells us that they achieved 64% returns in the last 2 months. They even provide a link to their Fibo Group analytics.

We’re not able to confirm the same because according to the numbers, nothing close to 64% was ever achieved.

Their Fibo Group account suggests that monthly returns were -31.86%. while daily profit is just 1.43%. Maximum draw down is 44.31%.

These numbers are quite disgusting given that Currency Wolf is promising lucrative returns while third-party statement sharing platforms are saying otherwise.


Currency Wolf is neither a profitable signal provider nor an attractive fund manager to invest with. Their website does not appear to be popular either.

Apart from this, their profit claims cannot be verified or confirmed as truth. We would be hesitant to use this service or even recommend them to our readers due to issues raised above.

Thanks for reading our Currency Wolf review. This trading operation does not inspire any confidence and we’re afraid they are losing money (if at all they’re trading a live account).

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