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Currency Mining Review: is a Scam

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Currency Mining is allegedly going to generate 0.5% daily ROI from an investment of $10 to $499.

If you want to generate more profit from this “cloud mining” operation, you can deposit $5,000 and above.

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This is very suspicious. It is better to invest this amount on well-known investment websites or just trade it in the currency market using our recommended Forex software.

Currency Mining is operated from

The site’s promotion materials claims that they are a team of investors and analysts who reasonably distribute your investments around the world for maximum returns.

The website does not say what coins they’re mining. However, people can deposit using Bitcoin, Payee, Visa and Qiwi.

Currency mining review

The problems with these deposit methods is that they don’t have a chargeback feature.

Once you’re scammed, you can never recover your money.

Also, Currency Mining is run by an anonymous group of people who don’t bother to show us proof of mining rigs existing anywhere.

Is Currency Mining Legit?

It cannot be legit.

We’ve looked at their alleged mother company (Digital Assets Global Cryptocurrency LTD) and found that it did not exist.

Furthermore, it looks like the website owner has copy-pasted content from other similar websites to fill up pages.

This is not the kind of thing you should expect from a legitimate Cryptocurrency mining website.

Furthermore, this website is very new yet they claim to have registered hundreds of users.

This can’t be possible. And of course the deposit and withdrawal statistics are fake.


The bottom line is that this platform is a fraudsite.

They are going to keep your money if you invest a significant amount.

On the other hand, if you deposit a small amount, they might return your money to win your trust.

All in all, will scam you with the idea of cloud Crypto mining.

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