CTP FX Review: is Copy Trade Profit FX Scam?

This CTP FX review discloses the nature of the business conducted at copytradeprofitfx.com.

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Traders are wondering: Is Copy trade profit FX legit?

The answer can be a Yes or No. First of all, CTP FX is a Forex signal vendor delivering trade alerts through the Whatsapp platform.

Signal vendors have the toughest time proving their trading expertise and if they are a scam, I don’t believe they will stand a chance.

With a Copy trade profit FX review like this one, traders can know what to do right away even before they can pull out their credit cards to subscribe.

Copy trade profit FX claims that they’re a group of professional traders offering struggling traders the chance to copy their trades.

They claim to have 6 years of experience making consistent profits.

However, I keep wondering whether this statement is true because the CTP FX website was created in January 2017 and not 6 years ago.

Secondly, I’ve checked for proof of this elsewhere and didn’t find anything.

I expected them to at least register their brokerage account at myfxbook.com for purposes of demonstrating this experience.

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Unfortunately this has not happened.

The signal vendor claims to be based in England.

Traders who want to speak with them can call the number +447724221682 or send an email at copytradeprofitfx@gmail.com.

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Copy Trade Profit FX review

The website of this signal vendor is poorly done with some texts overlapping or simply obscured.

Overall, the message is quite clear as they make it known to all visitors that selling Forex signals is their business.

The only reasons they give to traders wanting to subscribe is that Copy Trade profit FX has a simple pricing plan, easy and secure payment and fast and professional support.

While it is helpful to tell us what plans they have for traders wanting to copy their signals, it is not helpful to recite these things when asked why they think they’re the best signal providers.

Copy Trade Profit FX review

A proper signal vendor will instead say that they have a myfxbook or FXblue account where their experience can be demonstrated.

They could also add that they provide special education to novice traders in addition to providing affordable pricing for their plans.

In other words, the statements provided by CTP FX are generic and not specific to the question that needs to be addressed.

We’ll quickly go through their 4 subscription plans to let you know what they entail.

CTP FX review: subscription plans

Premium package………..£50 per month. Payment is submitted through PayPal.

Premium Package using credit card…………..£50 per month. Payment must be made using a credit card.

VIP Package……………..£75. The plan is allegedly for traders who want to trade full time.

All of these plans promise to provide between 2-8 signals per day with a target of 600 pips at the end of the week.

CTF FX claims to provide clear take profit and stop loss.

TP can appear multiple times in a trade meaning that we can sometimes have signals that have 2 TP.

Copy Trade profit FX also claims that they’re providing updates throughout the day.

The third subscription plan is however focused on educating the trader to make them understand the whys of the markets.

In addition to this, the signal vendor is promising to provide guidance on lot sizing, chart analysis and more signals than in the first two plans.

Copy Trade Platinum Training program

This is a comprehensive Forex trading course that covers everything from introduction, to trading psychology and market patterns.

They also claim to provide enrolled traders access to their Platinum community.

Students will also be offered advanced training and webinars to equip them further.

Now, pricing is divided into 3 parts.

3 months Membership cost £249.99.

6 months membership costs £449.99

Monthly membership plan costs £49 now and then £99 in the subsequent months.

Trading strategy of CTF FX

They don’t disclose their trading methodology. Instead, they tell traders that they are fundamental and technical analysts.

If you are an intermediate trader, you should have a clue on what trading methodology that is likely to work for you.

A signal vendor that does not disclose his trading strategy is definitely not being transparent with their clients.

This information is quite necessary even if they continue to treat it as less important.

Trading performance of Copy trade profit FX

There’s no trading performance.

There’s nothing.

But I feel there’s a similarity between this signal vendor and charlatans like Forexsignals.cc, iTrade AIMS, Price Action Forex Ltd, Forex signals and Invest among others.

This vendor wants traders to believe their Instagram screenshots of supposed trading profits.

ctp fx review profits

The problem is that these trades are falsified. There’s no accountability or transparency in such kind of pictures.

In one of the pictures, they claimed to have generated $54,000. This was a Telegram screenshot.

We have no idea whether this data is authentic.

We’re also wondering why this signal vendor failed to hook their supposedly live trading account to a statement sharing platform like myfxbook.com.

We prefer such platforms instead of photoshopped trading results posted on Instagram.

Customer feedback on CTP FX

There’s a lot of negative feedback out there regarding the quality of signals offered by CTP FX.

Most people claim that they’ve lost a lot of money to this signal provider.

Others claim that the operators of CTP FX are cheats.

Overall, the Copy trade profit FX reviews there are awful but I’m happy that at least they confirm what was in my mind all along.


Copy trade profit FX is a Forex signal vendor not worth recommending.

They invest in fake reviews and also use Instagram a lot to post falsified photos of their alleged profits.

That is the greatest deception of all in the signal selling industry.

They’re also advising traders to open a brokerage account whom they are affiliated with.

When traders do so, they are forced to open an account with a leverage of 400:1, which is quite high and not necessary.

If you’re trading with an account balance of at least $1,000, you don’t need that leverage as you are risking your money unnecessarily.

Thanks for reading the Copy trade profit FX review.

We’d like to welcome your comments now.

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  1. Fabian Hernandez says:

    i read this too late, i purchased the VIP package to CTP fx and since I purchased the package those profiles never ask my messages about how o start receiving the signals so definitely this is a scam and they did it great because people would be fascinated with what they are doing with the signals thy supposed to send

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