Ctmatador Review: Scam Broker (Beware)

Ctmatador is an unauthorized and illegal CFDs broker. In addition to this, they are an offshore broker that cannot be trusted.

The website that we’re talking about can be found at ctmatador.com and it is probably the worst scam as we suspect that they’ve stolen money from a number of victims.

For that reason, we urge those who have lost money in the hands of this broker to RECLAIM IT HERE.

Is Ctmatador legit?

The website of this company claims that they are legit and that they have clients’ interest at heart. However, this is far from the truth as the broker is not even regulated.

With no valid broker’s license, there’s no guarantee that their website will be up for a long time. Their mode of operation is similar to that of this Crypto scam (Cryptosavings).

Such a broker is quite unreliable. In fact, Ctmatador has been blacklisted by the Belgian financial authority for illegally targeting its citizens with their supposed financial instruments.

When there is a warning of this nature, it is advisable to avoid such a broker as the risk of a big loss is 100% sure.

Is your money safe?

Ctmatador cannot keep your funds safe no matter what. They are not after an honest and transparent business. They’re after stealing your deposit so that they can fund their expensive lifestyle.

As a result, the regulators have warned against using the services of the broker. Furthermore, we’ve seen that they’re from St Vincent and the Grenadines (an area known for hosting authorized brokers whose job is to steal from clients).

An offshore broker like this one cannot tell the truth. They cannot even disclose who owns and runs the platform. Their CEO and team members are 100% anonymous.

This is a serious red flag. In short, your money will never be safe in the hands of Ctmatador.

Ctmatador review: The conclusion

Never trust this illegal CFDs broker as nothing is legitimate about their offer. And if you have lost your money in the hands of this broker, don’t be frustrated as you can now RECOVER IT HERE.