Cryptuoso Review

Cryptuoso is a collection of Crypto robots and trading strategies that can connect with your favorite exchange via secure API.

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Developer claims to have collected statistics of performance for the bots in the last 2.5 years.

Users can trade with one or a combination of Cryptuoso robots.

Robots and subscriptions can also be managed through Telegram app.

The developer’s Telegram bot feature also has support functionality where users can get their problems solved.

On the other hand, the Telegram community is there to help answer any questions that you may have.

CRYPTUOSO robots review
Cryptuoso robots

And of course Cryptuoso says their product comes with full documentation.

It’s not clear who the developer is or what kind of development experience they have.

However, interested users can contact them using the email

Is Cryptuoso legit?

They’ve listed the “top performing” robots on their homepage. This performance is what determines whether or not this product is legit.

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The robots are listed under various names such as:

  • T2TF-1 Kraken BTC/USD 8h
  • T2TF-1 Bitfinex BTC/USD 8h
  • BR-1 Bitfinex BTC/USD 8h
  • BR-2 Kraken EOS/USD 8h
  • BR-3 Binance Fut ETH/USDT 8h

Plus there are many more robots that we’ve not been shown just yet.

From the information above, I deduce that Cryptuoso are optimized for the 8 hour time frame trading.

For some reason, the developer prefers Bitfinex or Kraken exchanges for some reason.

However, the first 4 trading bots have a poor win rate in relation to drawdown.

With such high drawdown, one can quickly erode their balance even if win rate was 80%.

The last robot in the list seems a good win rate and maximum draw down (as at the time of writing this review is just –8.20%.

However, this robot is in beta trial. There are not public stats spanning to, let’s say 6 months ago.

This makes it tricky to believe that this Cryptuoso robot can sustain those results in the long run.

Should you invest in Cryptuoso robots

What I like about the developer is that they have created a user-friendly interface for managing the robots.

Signals can either be manually or automatically traded via API.

They also don’t shy away from displaying robot performance even if it’s not at par with some of the best in the industry.

At this point I’m a little hesitant when it comes to investing in these robots.


In as much as Cryptuoso is trying, it seems that their product is very new and they need to do a lot more to convince the public.

Experienced Crypto traders want to see more in terms of trading performance before they can subscribe.

At the moment I’m seating on the fence. I can’t recommend it but I can still put my faith in these highly recommended trading and investment products.

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