Review: Beware of this Scam

Cryptowealthinvestments is pretending to be a legitimate broker when in the real sense they are a high risk trading platform.

Therefore, in this review of the Crypto Wealth Investments website, we’re going to let you know why we believe it’s a scam and how you can actually invest in Cryptocurrencies using safe and risk-free trading platforms.

Here are quick points to ponder about:

  1. Crypto Wealth Investments is not a licensed broker
  2. The platform does not disclose which company or people are behind its activities
  3. There are no user reviews or feedback to confirm that Cryptowealthinvestments is not a scam
  4. Their marketing language is geared towards deceiving newbies just like Freedom Gold and Tradecurrencynow.

CryptoWealthInvestments Review

The website is clearly run by crooks whose target are new and inexperienced traders and investors.

They claim that Crypto Wealth Investments is offering over 1,000 tradeable assets spanning across Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities and Indices.

In reality, most brokers (whether legitimate or scammers) do not have a problem unlocking these financial instruments for trading.

Today we have a lot of variety across all brokerage platforms. It is a basic feature rather than a privilege.

That said, CryptoWealthInvestments is also offering trading education and an expert advisor to beginners and advanced traders alike.

The minimum deposit is $250 but if you want to take advantage of the main features offered by the broker, you must risk at least $10,000 (which is a significant amount of investment).

When an investor takes this kind of risk, they are going to lose all their money. The supposed investment service is enticing traders by claiming that they will get access to trading strategies, risk management training, price alert, daily market brief, a dedicated account manager and so on.

In reality, these ‘advantages’ can be enjoyed for free if you just care to search the internet for affordable trading education.

The only interest of this broker is to lure you to deposit money into the platform after which you will begin to experience problems.

CryptoWealthInvestments is run by anonymous people

They fail to disclose the name of the company or the physical address of the business. This is intentional because the crooks feel safe when luring investors while keeping their identities under wraps.

This is a red flag you should take seriously and not proceed to open an account at

Not licensed by any financial regulator

Not only are these thieves anonymous, but they are also not licensed to provide any kind of financial services to the general public.

This is illegal and should also be considered a red flag. Before you invest or consider opening an account with CryptoWealthInvestments, you should be aware of this.

The Conclusion

The risk of losing money in this so-called broker or investment platform is quite high.

CryptoWealth Investments fails to meet the minimum threshold that we often consider before trusting that a service will actually deliver to their clients as they say on their website.

Keep off this scam. If you would like to invest or multiply your deposit, then these recommendations are the way to safeguard your investments while growing your money at the same time.

4 Responses to “ Review: Beware of this Scam”

  1. Paul O'Brien says:

    Unfortunately, a month ago, I have invested $2,900 with CryptoWealthInvestments. How would you suggest I get my money out? Is there a way? Thanks.

  2. Marc Dagenais says:

    lost over 70,000$ with this company can i get this back

    1. TheAdmin says:

      Sorry for the inconvenience Marc. This is money you can recover in full. These guys will sort you out

      We are sorry for the awful experience. The website is a scam just as we have stated.

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