Review: Is Crypto signals Guru Legit?

Crypto Signals Guru is an altcoin signal seller from an unknown location. delivers its signals through the Telegram app and purports to provide premium quality signals only.

The vendor has been around for 1 year but their history or reputation is unknown. The people who run are also not very eager to introduce their CEO or team members.

The community would feel very unwilling to invest with this service if we included them in our list of the most recommended investing resources.

We also find this quite sinister since a professional signal vendor often introduces themselves to their audience before they can expect to win any trust.

The website of Crypto Signals Guru claims that this team is made up of analysts, advisors, traders and insiders.

By making this statement, the Crypto signal vendor wants traders to believe their customers can access premium quality information from top industry experts.

This is reflected in how they price their Crypto signal service. The website actually has the most expensive signal packages on the internet as basic package goes for €198 monthly.

That aside, claims their website is the source of effective signals. They welcome traders and investors to subscribe while making them believe the website will specifically provide consistently profitable Bitmex signals.

So before you subscribe and actually pay above market rates for altcoin signals, you need to read this review to the end because we would like you to make an informed decision anyway.

Crypto Signals Guru review (

The first impression of their website is that they sell altcoin signals and are desperate to gain the trust of their consumers by attempting to look professional.

They tell us that when consumers subscribe, the “first target is usually reached”. I feel that the meaning of this statement is not coming out quite well. I don’t know whether the signal vendor is talking about their win rate or overall returns. also claims they have access to insider information.

Nevertheless, this sounds like mere marketing gimmick as I do not think they would be selling their signals or be so eager to offer their signals to third parties if this was the case.

There is also zero free trial and although the issue of cost/fees has been addressed in the FAQ section, there is a sense that the people who run Crypto Signals Guru don’t have enough confidence on the quality of their service.

Crypto Signals Guru products and trading strategy

They currently have 3 signal packages. These include:

  1. Beginner …………… €198 monthly
  2. Superior………………€498 quarterly
  3. Pro……………………..€798 bi-annually

The packages don’t differ in features but in terms of the duration of subscription. The vendor’s beginner package is self-explanatory as it says the product is best for starters.

Going through the signal packages, I feel that Crypto Signals Guru is a costly service considering that other signal packages charge $100 or less in monthly subscription.

In terms of strategy, I would like to see Crypto Signals Guru tell us how they analyze and manage their trades because this information is currently lacking in the sales page.

Customer feedback

I’ve not seen any meaningful feedback that backs what the sales page is telling us regarding this company.

Their website features a section labeled “testimonials” but who knows, these could be dummy texts or something that the site owner decided to write there to create the illusion that they’re popular.

I have checked across the internet but failed to find their reviews or feedback. This is such a discouraging thing considering that Crypto Signals Guru is claiming to sell quality signals but no backing from consumers is coming forth.


While their website is professionally designed, it is lacking in terms of authority and the ability to convince us that their signals are truly consistent and profitable.

The cost of their altcoin signals are also on the high side of the scale unlike many providers that charge $100 monthly or less.

To cut long story short, I don’t feel confident that this service will give you value for money. I don’t recommend it.