Review: Fake Unauthorized Crypto Bank is purporting to offer Crypto banking services. The website is claiming that it will pay 5% interest daily. It is allegedly offering a virtual card that can make purchases without having to sell the Crypto.

Unfortunately, Cryptosavings is just a scam. If they have stolen your money, you can now RECOVER IT HERE.

Is Cryptosavings legit?

Cryptosavings is not a legit platform for saving your Crypto. In fact, as we write this review, the website has been blacklisted by the Belgian financial authority FSMA for illegally targeting citizens of Belgium.

This kind of banking service needs to be authorized with a special financial license. Unfortunately, Cryptosavings does not have that license yet it continues to offer its services to members of the public.

The problem with such an unregulated entity is that it can disappear with funds without a notice. They are unreliable. They cannot be banked on.

This is why the regulator has sounded a warning and is expecting investors not to sign up for this scam.

Is your money safe?

Your money is not safe in the hands of these scammers. First of all, the website is anonymously hosted. There is no CEO or team members.

Lack of critical information is the number one reason why you want to avoid such websites. If they are legitmate as they claim, why do they find it necessary to hide?

As a matter off fact, these scammers are stealing a lot of money. The minimum deposit is 1 BTC which is quite a lot.

Furthermore, they are lying everywhere on their website. For example, when they say that they are regulated and licensed, this is obviously a false statement.

We have seen that they are not regulated. And because they are also withholding critical information from their customers, we have more reasons to avoid their fake investment offer.

Cryptosavings review: The conclusion

They are out to scam investors by lying that they are paying interest on your Crypto. In the real sense, sending them your Crypto will result in a big loss.

If they have scammed you, the good news is that you can now RECOVER YOUR FUNDS. Otherwise this warning must be taken seriously because the website is clearly run by thieves.