Review: A Silly Investment Scam is another fraudulent investment platform with characteristics similar to those of Crypto Option is deceiving investors by lying that they have a proven track record and that they’re the ‘highest performing Crypto investment company’.

As a result of their lies and deception, many investors have lost funds since this corny website was launched in January 2022. If you’re one of those investors who have lost funds, you can RECOVER YOUR MONEY HERE. Thank us later.

Who are (Crypto Option)?

The website does not appear to be a registered corporate entity. Their website’s contact us page claims that they’re based out of Jakarta but can we believe them really?

They are also not talking about their company details or who the founders and team members are. They have chosen to keep this a top secret, and we consider it a red flag.

It is not worth trusting a website that wants your money and is promising daily returns when they are not upfront with critical information such as company name, owners and licensing.

How Crypto Option is scamming investors huge amounts of money is peddling investment plans in which consumers will ‘enjoy’ 10% to 40% dailt returns. The more money you put in, the more money you’re supposed to earn.

They claim to generate returns from Forex, Crypto and stocks trading. They are also using false statistics to make their platform look legitimate.

These stats cannot be verified in the first place. Also, during the sign up process, you will see that the registeration page is very convincing.

You may think that you’re dealing with a genuine investment company.. only that later on, you will realize you have been scammed.

These are some of the tricks they use to lure investors into their fraudulent platform. is not regulated

The FCA has warned investors in the UK not to use the illegal services of The financial watchdog is warning investors because the platform is not licensed to offer any kind of financial services.

This means the risk of losing funds is very high. The financial authority has said that no compensation will be available if investors are swindled by this platform.

The Conclusion is a conman’s platform. Not only is Crypto Option a fly by night operation, but it is also illegal in the sense that it lies to investors that ROIs will be generating from trading the financial markets when the truth is that they are running a ponzi scheme.

Once they have stole enough money, they will simply pack and go. They will have no mercy for the investor who unfortunately lost a lot of money.

If you’re reading this, don’t be heartbroken because there’s still a recourse. Just RECOVER YOUR DEPOSIT HERE.