Review: Legit or Scam Crypto Exchange?

Welcome to the review. claims that it is the “most trusted Cryptocurrency exchange and mining platform” in the market.

This proclamation is very bold yet misleading because there’s no way this website can be popular and trusted like LocalBitcoins, Paxful, CoinMama, CoinBase or any of those mainstream Crypto exchange platforms.

There are rumors that was formally known as Coinbull and that they changed their name after ripping off many people.

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We don’t know the truth with regards to these rumors though. However, we feel that Crypto Nxt is misleading investors in their marketing material.

For example, their Terms and Conditions claim that the platform, Crypto NXT is owned and operated by Best Media Ltd.

This was a UK-based company that was incorporated in April 2002 and dissolved in June 2019. This company no longer exists and yet Cryptonxt claims that they’re owned and operated by this non-existent entity.

This is a serious red flag to start with.

The website also claims to have offices in London, Zurich and USA/Canada respectively. By no means does this indicate the authenticity of platform.

CryptoNXT io review

In fact, many fraudulent investment platforms believe that listing multiple phone numbers belonging to different countries will convince would-be victims to “invest”.

Despite raising awareness and enlightening lots of people looking for investment opportunities on the internet, a few gullible people will believe the lie.

Nonetheless, the red flags are quite apparent. We can’t believe even for a second that has a grain of truth in their marketing material.

Is Cryptonxt a scam Crypto exchange and mining platform?

We believe they are fraudulent, and here’s why: review

Their marketing materials claim that traders can invest in the most popular Cryptocurrencies if they utilize the company’s services.

They also claim that the platform is separately running a cloud mining facility which will help investors make additional income.

In addition to this, they proclaim that is a one-stop shop for “your Crypto earning needs”.

Crypto Nxt is supposedly run by experienced people with years of experience.

The problem is that despite telling us all the benefits they claim to offer, we still don’t know the owners of this website. They’ve failed to disclose ownership information in their about us page. Instead of disclosing this critical information (because a legit financial company is expected to do so), they write the following generic statement:

Trade with confidence. Earning the trust of our clients has always been our highest priority. We earn that trust through the best security in the business — most of our digital assets are held safely in cold wallets so bad actors can’t reach it. Our platform provides world class financial stability by maintaining full reserves, healthy banking relationships and the highest standards of legal compliance

They add that is using “modern progressive technology of Cryptocurrency to earn money”.

This vague statement is meaningless. It almost looks like the scammers running wanted to fill up space on their website.

We have multiple reasons as to why we can’t recommend a supposed Crypto exchange like Crypto Nxt.

Here are a few reasons to ponder about:

Not a real Cryptocurrency trading platform

We can’t find any evidence that this website is running a true Cryptocurrency exchange platform.

A Crypto exchange should facilitate exchanging of altcoins between users.

In addition to this, they should run a price feed which users require to even make trading of Cryptocurrencies possible.

These features don’t exist and the platform in question is only mentioned in the sales pitch, not what users find in the actual website.

Secondly, we don’t have proof that mining of Cryptocurrencies is taking place here.

Mining of Bitcoin and other Cryptos is no longer profitable nowadays. Only scammers use this concept to deceive gullible investors into sending money to them.

There’s no true mining platform that generates profits.

Cryptonxt is neither transparent nor profitable. This leave us with one conclusion; They are a ponzi scheme and a fraud. review: a classic ponzi scheme

We’ve looked across the website but didn’t find evidence of income generated from their alleged trading activities.

Secondly, the scam is only accepting Cryptocurrencies, which are impossible to chargeback.

This is due to the fact that Cryptonxt scammers don’t want to lose what they’ve already robbed their “investors”.

Also, since they claim to have a presence in the US, one would assume that they possess a valid license from the SEC.

They claim to mine Cryptocurrencies which means ROIs are supposed to be paid to investors out of these mining activities.

The SEC considers this illegal and unless they are regulated, they will always be guilty of committing serious felony in the US.

Therefore, their US presence does not seem to be real.

This is the exact thing that InvestView is doing, only that InvestView is registered by the SEC but is not mentioning their cloud mining operations in their SEC filings.


Even the most gullible individual should not fall for this basic financial scam. It is most like true that Crypto Nxt has a bad history.

They don’t offer real Crypto buying and selling services as claimed on the sales page. Crypto mining is also a pipe dream as long as this website is concerned. Lack of transparency is a sure sign that this company is up to no good. Thanks for reading this review.

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