Review: Scam Alert (CRYPTOINVESTMENT LIMITED Capital Group)

CRYPTOINVESTMENT LIMITED whose website can be found at is a scam. The fraudulent website is lying to consumers that it is investing in Cryptocurrencies, Cannabis, Forex exchange and Real estate.

Crypto Investment Limited Capital Group offers retirement and pension funds services … meaning that they’re also targeting the elderly and the financially vulnerable. As a result, the platform has stolen a lot of money from investors in the UK and across the world over the last 5 months. If you’re one of the victims, RECOVER YOUR LOST MONEY here.

The fraudulent investment platform tells its potential victims that their ‘investment packages’ are dynamic and high-performing. They’re using a jack of all trades kind of approach to deceive victims who want to hear that their money is working hard for them in all areas of investments.

The minimum investment amount that Crypto Investment Limited Capital Group is collecting from victims is $300. However, there is a potential to lose a lot more money than just $300 due to the tricks that this scam has put in place.

Who is Crypto Investment Limited Capital Group?

They are a website masquarading as an asset management company. They’re also pretending to be a financial managers and investment analysts with experience in matters related to investing.

They’re operating out of the UK but targeting investors from across the world. They do not have a registered company. All they have is a website that is pretending to be a company entity that is providing investing services.

The people behind Crypto Investment Limited Capital Group are also anonymous. They are not willing to disclose their identities to anymore.

Lack of transparency is the number one red flag here.

How Crypto Investment Limited Capital Group ( scams people

First of all, these scammers have a professional and detailed website. If you have not been scammed before, you could easily fall for the trick.

The way they explain things is what catches our attention. They entice victims to ‘invest’ $20,000 because there will be no tax. They actually say that the government allows investing of $20,000 tax free in an ISA .

To steal this $20,000 from you, they say that you can ‘wrap’ your Capital Group in an ISA and enjoy ‘tax-free’ investing.

In summary, this statement means nothing. It does not guarantee the safety of your funds because Capital Group is an anonymous and frauduent entity whose owners are going to pocket the money you send them.

It is just a psychological trick which they play on you when they tell you these things.

Apart from this, Capital Group uses fake statistics to give the impression that the platform is popular.

Those figures are crazy and are not making sense for a business that has been around for 5 months only. This is another way of telling that the platform is a scam.

In addition to this, Capital Group claims that they’re regulated in Europe, Asia and Middle East. This is not the case. Capital Group would also like to convince you that they’ve won multiple awards. This is plain silly because they are only 5 months old but they ‘won’ awards in the year 2017 and 2019.

Do you see how these guys are fooling their prospective victims. Capital Group regulatory warning

The FCA has warned residents of the UK not to do business with this website whatsoever. The FCA states that doing business with these scam website will result in a loss and victims will not be entitled to any form of compensation.

Apparently this website is lying to people that they are regulated but that is not the case. They do not have any valid financial license.

The Conclusion

Avoid such bogus and fraudulent investment platforms that are only good at telling lies and stealing your deposit.

This particular website is very dangerous because the faceless operators are using flowery language to convince victims to place a deposit.

If you wire your money to these scammers, you will lose it. The only recourse would be to go through this simple chargeback process and let the professionals RECOVER YOUR MONEY.