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CryptoForexTradeLive Review: Scam Crypto Service?

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CryptoForexTradeLive is a service that claims to invest in Cryptocurrencies through algorithm and peer-to-peer trading.

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CryptoForexTrade Live claims that they will share profits with their investors.

Minimum deposit is $300, and they also have investment plans similar to those of a Crypto ponzi scheme.

CryptoForexTradeLive even claims that investors can earn up to 60% on their investment.

It’s no clear who owns this website or how they invest their clients’ funds.

Their location is equally not known.

Furthermore, CryptoForexTrade Live is offering an investment service without a regulator’s license.

Digging further into the website also reveals that their contact page does not provide information on how to contact them.

Is CryptoForexTradeLive legit?

The answer is No!

This website is not legit. Based on how they run their business, one can tell that this is a Cryptocurrency scam.

Cryptofxtradelive review

They’re also promoting dubious ICOs where they trick investors to put money into projects that are not sustainable.

All of the financial services they claim to offer are supposedly going to generate sustainable revenue for their clients.

They deceive investors by claiming that the money they send them will be invested in various Crypto markets.

The second way they deceive investors is by claiming that Crypto Forex Trade Live can help with exchanging Crypto into fiat and vice versa.

Thirdly, the platform also requires membership for their peer-to-peer trading operations.

All of the plans and features involved can only be unlocked through paying an unspecified membership fee.

And also you have to realize that CryptoForexTradeLive is unregulated.

This makes it illegal in most countries with strong financial regulatory networks.

Therefore, this website is basically a scam.


Avoid Crypto Forex Trade Live because it is clearly a ponzi scheme.

They want you to send them your Bitcoin which they will ultimately keep.

Their lack of transparency is their greatest undoing.

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