Cryptoforex247 Review: a Scam? is a website that is purporting to provide an opportunity for investing in Bitcoin.

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They accept payment only in Bitcoin and Dodge Cryptocurrencies.

The minimum daily return that Cryptoforex247 can allegedly generate is 1.5% daily.

Investors have a choice of choosing between 4 packages with returns of up to 5% per day.

These returns are implausible which makes cryptoforex247 sound very suspicious.

The website is run by an anonymous individual. Their trading experience is not known.

Cryptoforex247 review
Cryptoforex247 website

The only thing known about Cryptoforex247 is that it was registered in October 2018 and not in 2016 as claimed on the sales pages.

Successful traders depend on professional software to trade the Forex market.

They don’t fall for cheap tricks played by vendors such as Crypto Forex 247.

Is Cryptoforex247 legit?

While promotion materials claim that the operations of this company involves trading and mining of Bitcoin, I see the exact opposite.

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For example, when I sign up and look for the supposed trading or mining platform, all I can see is a user dashboard which after signing up, I can only transfer Bitcoin or Dodge coin to the anonymous owners of the platform.

I cannot see the “trading platform” and neither can I find any evidence of Bitcoin mining.

There’s no proof that the supposed profits generated by Cryptoforex247 are real.

The numbers have not been audited by a third party either. So it’s quite difficult to believe their claim and even give them money.

Should you invest in Cryptoforex247?

No is the answer because this is a clear scam.

Once they take your money, they’ll post fake profits to convince you to deposit more money.

Depending on how good they are in marketing, victims will end up falling for their tricks.

When you deposit a lot of money a second time, they’ll refuse to process your withdrawal requests or even respond to your questions.

Cryptoforex247 is also an illegal investment firm.

This is because they are not licensed to provide any trading or investing with a promised ROI.

Yet they continue to collect funds from members of the public while lying to them that they’re genuine.


Armed with this information, one shouldn’t be involved with a cheap scam like Cryptoforex247.

The thief who runs this website is even copy pasting promotion materials from rival websites because they’re too lazy to write their own.

What do you think they’ll do with your money if you give them a chance?

They’ll simply take it and run away. Thanks for reading our Cryptoforex247 review.

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