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CryptoAssetsBay or CAbay is a Crypto asset manager that runs a robo advisor where investors and shareholders can achieve 70% returns in 15 days. invests in portfolio modeled by adopting the same exact “Nobel Prize-winning research used by “world’s most successful investors”

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The company offers 3 investment plans namely Silver, Gold and Platinum respectively.

Minimum deposit is $1,000. However, Gold plan requires $5,000 and at least $15,000 for those who wish to join the Platinum package.

The company “guarantees” this return to all investors because they’ve been “expanding technology and security” over the years to operate efficiently.

They also claim that the people who run CryptoAssetsbay have a cumulative experience of 50 years in the financial industry.

Is CryptoAssetsbay Legit?

The straight forward answer is No, they are not legit. review
The website

We start this review with the burning question where investors would like to know if CABay is regulated.

CryptoAssetsbay also claims to be regulated by the CySEC.

Doing a bit of web snooping will however disclose that CryptoAssetsbay is actually not registered by the CySEC.

Also, the people working for CryptoAssetsbay are anonymous. They’re only giving a Norway physical address.

Even if you don’t know much about financial regulators operating in Europe, one must conclude that CryptoAssetsbay should be holding a license from the financial supervisory authority of Norway and not CySEC.

Should you invest with CryptoAssetsbay?

The website was registered in January 2020. This is therefore a very new website with no track record of successful trading.

Ownership details have also been concealed to prevent curious investors from snooping around.

This makes Crypto Assets Bay look illegitimate as it follows the same exact patterns used by Cryptocurrency scammers.


It would be painful to lose $1,000 hoping that you’d make a profit of $700 in 15 days.

The returns are simply too good to be true. And even if they were trading Crypto, it would be very unlikely that this website would generate those returns.

Therefore, CryptoAssetsBay is a scam. We’re currently recommending these tools for those who want to trade Forex.

For profitable Crypto trading, Bitsgap would be a good alternative.

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1 Comment on this post

    i invested with them in silver then gold and they paid me for both times, to gain a trust
    but on the third time i was a fool by investing in the platinum
    i invested 15000 USD as a minimum to be invested in platinum, and on the payout day, they asked for a full refundable 5000 USD for the “Government tax”, and they said i will be fully paid to me along with my platinum investment within 24 hours, i sent it immediately, on the next day they asked for 7500 USD more and they were not willing to stick to what they have committed to me earlier, and the Government tax wasn’t mentioned anywhere on their website at all
    however i had very long discussion with them on the online chat, and then they said just pay another 5000 and the remaining 2500 was “approved by the management”
    however they are a scam, and you will never get your money back if you keep paying them

    if you want the whole conversations that proves what i said, i have it on my email

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