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⚠️ Unable to withdraw funds from a broker? Are they asking you to pay more fees or taxes? You've been SCAMMED and this form gives you the opportunity to recover your funds! wants to ‘help you grow your digital assets’ through pool trading. The platform is supposedly paying ‘daily returns’ through day trading and Hodling of Cryptocurrency. They have been ‘paying’ return on investment since July 2019. They say!

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The salespage continues to claim that Crypto4Winners uses ‘proactive approach and diversified strategies’ to manage investors’ portfolio. We also noted that this flimsy investment platform has been running for a couple of years now. To be precise Crypto4Winners has been around since 2019… the era when Bitcoin was popular and the naysayers and the soothsayers thought Bitcoin was a bubble.

There’s a big problem with Crypto4Winners though. It’s a scam and a sophisticated one. If you’ve fallen a victim before, you should schedule free consultation with the guys who know how to unravel the twisty web of deceit. Here’s a page that we wish to share with you on that matter.

6 Reasons why Crypto4Winners is a Crypto investment scam

The website is very professional indeed. There’s a roadmap, an about us page that lays out an interesting story of how these guys like Bitcoin, how they started and what they want to do for you… with your money. Before you listen and fall prey to their smooth-talking, we have some points to ponder about concerning Crypto4Winners.

Risk-free extra-ordinary returns

Oh yes, their Crypto trading pool is risk free and the returns are consistent and stable. The salespage claims that their BTC pool generated 3.47% in the ‘current month’ and 345.52% since inception. Notice that these guys don’t account for their losses despite the Crypto market being inherently volatile and risky. Crypto4Winners is telling you what you want to hear. They know that the prey won’t go into details such as proof of performance or auditing of the results. Steer clear!

Crypto4Winners is lying about their regulatory status

They’re good at making up things. Our professional manager is an entity called C4Wave Capital K.B. We researched the silly name and found that this is a company registered in Stockholm and we’re not quite sure about the kind of activities that they engage in. Reports suggest that the company is associated with Crypto4Wave and is just yet another very smart Crypto scam while its partner Crypto4Wave is defunct.

These scammers keep saying that the activities of Crypto4Winners are authorized by AML/CFT. The supervisory authority is called Stockholm County Administrative Board. This is jargon to the layman and obviously our investigations can reveal that this information is hogwash. Crypto4Winners is not regulated or authorized by any governing authority.

Fake reviews and praises for Crypto4Winners platform

The scammers have invested a budget on fake reviews and praises. A simple Google search for reviews of Crypto4Winners depict an investment platform that is ‘legit’ and paying. These reviews are posted with the help of corrupt bloggers and are happy to earn a few hundred dollars to promote the scam. The actions of these bloggers cause heavy damage to unsuspecting consumers who may fall prey after reading those bogus reviews.

Team members page has no team members

They thrive on secrecy and not transparency. The first page we visited on the Crypto4Winners website was the “team” page. It’s interesting to see that this page contains just a paragraph with vague marketing material about the company. No names of directors or anything. The reason they hesitate to provide these details is because the platform is a scam.

Many lies make up the Crypto4Winners

We take special interest on the choice of the domain name which suggests or gives the impression that this platform is exclusively for Crypto winners. Well, it’s for Crypto losers. These guys even offer job openings to feign some sort of legitimacy. The job openings are fake. No one is hiring. Scammers don’t hire…. their job is to speak with you in an intelligent way before they can reach your wallet.

Insulting your intelligence

50% of the Crypto is day traded the othejr 50% is stored in ‘secure cold storage’. Very interesting. Do you know that Crypto 4 Winners is not an authorized custodian of your Crypto? And what is the evidence of day trading on this platform. We approached these guys and they responded that this information is confidential. Wow!

Conclusion of the Crypto 4 Winners review

Give them your Crypto and maybe they would pay you a few times to keep fooling you to deposit more money before the unexpected will happen. Actually the platform has secretly adopted a ponzi scheme operation where some investors would be paid before getting scammed completely while others would never earn a single coin from them. This is how a ponzi scheme called Worldmarkets used to operate. The scam was responsible for the loss of millions of dollars in investor funds. It actually insisted on Cryptocurrency payments rather than fiat.

History repeats itself and now we have another type of scam doing the very same thing that Worldmarkets did.

We ask you to share this review widely and most importantly we’d like to see your engagements in the comment section. Bye!

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