CRYPTO WIDES LIMITED is a company claiming to generate stable and fast returns from its clients deposits.

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This company uses the domain which was anonymously registered in August 2020.

The website does not disclose ownership information or team members. Instead, they peddle an investment opportunity where people can get rich overnight.

They claim to be based in London. However, what you should know is that fraudsters are virtually registering companies in Europe because it does not take much to do so.

It is also not a sign of authenticity in their operations.


The website’s marketing materials claim that CRYPTO WIDES LIMITED is generating 6% daily returns for life and up to 10%.

The minimum deposit is just $20. So this makes it very easy for people to sign up.

Note: If you would like to invest in the financial markets, use well-established products and services instead of HYIPs like


This HYIP fraud is one of the silliest we’ve ever seen on the internet.

The question of whether or not it is legit does not arise since it’s quite obvious the person behind this website is a fraud.

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The website is still very new. So how did they get over 1000 sign ups?

In fact, the stats on this website are very misleading. Even the deposit and withdrawal amounts are fabricated.

Crypto Wides only accepts deposits in Perfect Money, Payeer and in Crypto. This is because these funding methods are the safest for scammers who don’t want to lose victims through chargebacks.

There is no disclosure of what Crypto Wides limited does to generate this ROI.

There are no performance stats in terms of revenue. So how do we believe their lies?


Avoid the scam at all cost. This baffling attempt to scam people using Bitcoin is something that everyone should see and avoid.

These HYIP scammers are very desperate. They make false promises just to extract $20 from victims.

Unfortunately, some people will send more and end up getting scammed a substantial amount of money.

Resist the urge to follow the greedy way!

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