Crypto-smartchain Review: Another Crypto Scam


In this Crypto-smartchain review, we will prove to you that the website is a scam that you should avoid.

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Is Crypto-smartchain a legit broker?

By no means does this broker score well when it comes to the legitimacy test. We start with the regulatory status of Crypto-smartchain because this is where they fail the most.

The broker does not have a valid financial license, which makes them very risky to trade with.

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Just like FXbit-traders which downplays licensing requirements, Crypto-smartchain hopes to persuade you to invest on their filthy platform despite not meeting regulatory requirements which is very crucial when it comes to determining the reliability of a broker.

Note that this broker has failed to disclose their location and even though this is the case, the UK financial regulator (FCA) has warned against using the services of Crypto-smartchain.

All the same, you must never deposit any money in an unregulated Forex broker’s platform no matter how lucrative the website is.

Are your funds safe with Crypto-smartchain?

The main agenda of this broker is to steal your deposit. This is why they are based in an offshore location rather than in the mainstream jurisdictions where regulations are tight.

Crypto-smartchain also tries to fool you with attractive offers that many newbies like to take advantage of.

This is a trick to welcome new sign ups and encourage victims to transfer funds from their bank accounts to the pockets of these scammers.

When you’re scammed by Crypto-smartchain there will be no recourse. And when you’re not equipped with knowledge of how to get back your funds, you’re doomed.

Crypto Smart Chain Review: The Conclusion

It is advisable that you avoid this scam site at all cost. There are one too many red flags that prevent us from trusting them.

Please share this review widely because this information can save a lot of people. Thanks for reading.

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