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GOT SCAMMED by a broker? Fill out this form to schedule FREE consultation with experts who will assist you recover your funds. is a website that is allegedly run by “investment experts”. We know that this is a generic term that is only used by scammers in the Cryptocurrency niche.

The best way to invest in Cryptocurrency trading is to put your money in a trusted and reputable company that offers AI managed trading accounts.

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With regards to reputation, we see that it was anonymously created in May 2020 and registered as a company in the UK thereafter.

If the owner is not willing to disclose his details to the public, generally no kind of financial transaction should happen between members of the public and the owner.

However, this is not the case because websites like have a way of persuading victims to send them Bitcoins anyway.

They start by claiming to invest in Forex trading as well as real estate. Sometimes they promise too good to be true daily return on investment. review

The financially desperate want to hear that if they deposit X amount of Bitcoin, they can generate Y amount of Bitcoin in daily ROI.

In fact, all their marketing materials are geared towards this kind of message and victims never stop to think twice before sending their Bitcoins.

Marketing material on the website is also created in broken English which makes us doubt whether the owner is truly from the UK.

Furthermore, corporate registration in Great Britain does not guarantee any kind of safety for customers.

This is because there are many fraudulent websites whose owners have incorporated their business in UK through virtual offices.

It is quick and easy to incorporate a company in the UK, which is why scammers love to use company registration status because they believe victims tend to fall for their tricks when their websites that are associated with at least some company.

Truth is, there is no evidence that is trading Forex or investing in real estate. Review: Is it legit?

What we’ve observed is that is not registered with the FCA, which is the country’s main financial regulator.

It is required that all companies offering financial services in the UK should be registered with the FCA to continue offering their services legally.

Those companies that evade this registrations are basically intending to commit fraud in one way or the other.

They are considered illegal and illegitimate based on their lack of registration with the FCA.

In fact, the FCA has even decided to dedicate a part of their websites for exposing fraudulent websites like

Unfortunately, the FCA can’t keep track on all of them due to the fact that hundreds of similar unregulated Crypto “services” are showing up everyday.

What to remember before you sending money to

The site’s owner is 100% anonymous. The reason they insist on keeping their privacy is because they engage in doggy business activities.

Secondly, remember that this is an unregulated company offering an illegal services and inviting investors to send Bitcoin deposits.

This is one of the hallmarks of a scam. Avoid websites that conduct their operations in a similar manner.

Thirdly, is very new. We do not trust companies that entered the market just the other day since they tend to have a short lifespan.

Instead, investors should only trust reputable companies that have been trading for years and have good customer feedback.


It is safe to assume that this website is basically a HYIP program. As far as our investigations are concerned, this company does not have a way of generating revenue outside client deposits.

On the other, they claim to generate revenue through trading and real estate investing. There is zero evidence to support this claim.

This leaves us with only “one source of income”- member deposits. At this point, the site becomes a HYIP or a pyramid scheme or a scam altogether.

Furthermore, deposits are only accepted in BTC. This is the safest way for scammers to accept money since there are no chargebacks here.

The best thing to do is to avoid any website that makes claims of investing in Forex or Crypto when they actually do not have proof of their investment activities.

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