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Crypto Masters Limited Review: 4 Reasons is a Scam

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Crypto Masters Limited which writes its website logo as “Crypto-Masters” is claiming to offer “multi-diversified earning options” with “best payment plans to meet your financial needs”. These fraudsters are claiming to generate profit through trading of stocks, bonds, gold, Crypto and Forex CFDs. The daily return that promises is up to 4% daily and minimum deposit is $100.

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Is Crypto Masters Limited a scam?

The website is an obvious investment fraud. Their idea sounds exciting to the financially unsophisticated. However, we noticed that this website has no credible reputation as they launched it in March of 2023. They’re also offering the highly fraudulent binary options which promise instant payment. The scammers know how to speak with potential victims by promisinge easy quick money.

Once a victim invests the $100 into the “system”, Crypto Masters Limited will generate automatic profit for them. If the victim wants to be rich instantly, they should add more money into the system. The people who run will actually make sure that they’re coercing the victim to add more money into the platform. They’re sort of desperate!

4 Reasons why is not a legit investment broker

These 4 reasons are factual and you should take them seriously as they will separate those who get scammed from those who save their money from landing in the wrong hands.

Unregulated investment broker on the FCA blacklist

There is a warning by the UK FCA concerning the activities of the Crypto Masters Limited website. The warning says that it’s not safe to trade or invest on the platform as it’s illegal due to lack of proper documentation and licensing by the financial regulator.

Vague description about the company

The website is unable to describe their ownership details in a transparent manner. They even fail to mention whether their website is registered or incorporated as a company website. At the moment, Crypto Masters Limited keeps details of company owners, team and directors under wraps. This tells you that you should not trust the website at all.

Fake investment plans offered by Crypto Masters Limited

These are not investment plans. They’re considered high yield programs that function like a ponzi sheme. One thing that’s for sure is that this website won’t pay out the promised ROI. It is impossible to pay out returns when there is no profitable business activity going on. It means that even if they pay, these so-called returns will be out of the deposit of other victims. We’re sure that Crypto Masters Limited won’t keep up with the payments and therefore the owner will have to run away with a big part of the deposits.


The website of claims that they have over 85,000 clients and have made over $148 million payouts. These figures are so big that if it was true, then would have been the most popular investment platform with several reviews and star ratings. The only problem here is that the scammers are lying about their activities and numbers. This is disinformation.

Conclusion of the Crypto Masters Limited review

The truth is that these scammers are not investing your funds in the capital markets. They’re also very likely to ask you to add more money or pay some kind of tax before you can get out your money from the platform. If you’ve already deposited funds at, do not add them more money as you will be scammed twice.

We also urge you to share this news widely to alert the community. We also share our tips here on what to do if you’ve been victimized.

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