Crowd Forex Investments Review: A Scam ( (Crowd Forex Investments) claims on their website that they’re offering trading strategies and managed Forex accounts.

However, Crowd Forex Investments is a suspicious website based on how they conduct their operations.

This is why we are unable to include them into our list of the most reliable trading products and services for all people who either want to learn trading or automated investing.

In fact, evidence suggests that Crowd Forex Investments may be a ponzi scheme if not a total scam outfit.

This is because the website is directly collecting money from members of the public and also not telling us which Forex brokers are involved.

The folks that run Crowd Forex Investments are also 100% anonymous, which is one of the red flags we mentioned when reviewing sites like Voxy Wealth and Budrigan Trade.

If they are legitimate, they should provide names of the persons who run and trade funds for investors as well as a clear physical address showing where the company is operating from.

Crowd Forex Investments is your typical scam

The minimum investment that this scam is encouraging investors to deposit is $100.

However, their webpage is also persuading victims to deposit $5,000 in Bitcoin.

Other smaller amounts can either be sent in Bitcoin or PayPal. I don’t know how this works with PayPal given that the latter can be finicky with scams but also known to take the side of the offender.

Crowd Forex Investments claims to trade the Forex market 24/5 but are not mentioning which brokers are involved.

While the basic service of this platform appears to utilize the services of some kind of a Forex broker, it is not clear whether the company will utilize copy trading to trade their clients funds.

The company is also proclaiming returns of between 10% to 20%.

In an income chart posted on their FAQ page, the company is showing what investors might earn if they trust the company to manage their funds for at least 2 years.

I do not know where these returns are coming from because Crowd Forex Investments has not provided their myfxbook account for purposes of verifying the alleged returns.

The company also has silly terms and conditions which somehow restrict withdrawal of remaining deposit.

While they state that you can withdraw your previous month’s profit, the maximum balance that can be withdrawn from the remaining equity is 5%.

This automatically locks the investor because if they later change their mind, they would be forced to leave their money behind.

Also, while creating an account with Crowd Forex Investments, the service is providing the option for “re-investing” but also using a Bitcoin wallet address where people can randomly send funds.

We do not trust this approach at all as it is commonly used by scammers.

No matter what they want to tell you, Crowd Forex Investments is using a method that is known to cause losses for the financially desperate.


The way managed Forex accounts work is that traders must provide a link to a Forex broker’s platform so that clients can create their accounts and sign an LPOA.

We don’t see this provision the scam website operated by these anonymous people.

Clearly there is no accountability here and the result will be massive losses for people who deposit 5K or more in Bitcoin.

You cannot send Bitcoins to someone you have never seen unless you have created some initial rapport and are fully aware of your actions.

One last thing: Crowd Forex Investments has not attracted any online feedback from popular investment forums or blogs.

We’re the first blog to review them and so we expect victims or anyone who has used this service before to provide comments regarding the service.

This will help investors not to fall into the trap of these scammers.

As for the owners of Crowd Forex Investments, we’ll be looking for an explanation as to why they believe their service is not a scam.

In short, we can’t recommend this service to our audience as it shows signs of a ponzi scheme rather than a legitimate investment service.