Core Coin Review: is a Scam (Avoid)

Binary options are controvesial and outrightly banned in the EU. But Core Coin (, which is displaying a fake US incorporation certificate on their website wants you to believe that the platform offers legitimate trading and investing in Crypto and futures. CoreCoin is purportedly working with “financial professionals” to provide the “best possible trading conditions”. Now, if a scam can “provide attractive trading conditions”, how much more will a licensed, professional Forex and CFDs brokers offer clients that they care so much about?

A quick spot check on the trading platform reveals a generic script outsourced from the Themeforest script shop. It is buggy and hosted on a dysfunctional server. Browsing around for more than 1 minute kills the server of a supposedly professional broker that wants to take care of your $5,000 minimum deposit. Can you imagine that plenty of people still fall for CoreCoin’s tricks? If you want to be a happy trader, my advice is that you should get a proper trading system or signal service.

Core Coin ( Review: Hard to flow with their lies

The demo account and server is shitty. It does not work, despite the broker crediting $10,000 of virtual funds for your “practice”.

Options duration does not last for 6 months as claimed on the sales page of Core Coin. I saw a maximum duration of up to 5 months on the timeframe. Since the platforms freezes a lot, I was not able to place a single trade even on the demo account. I wonder whether the live account is any different.

Because this is binary options, there is no talk of spreads or leverage. The platform only claims to offer payout of up to 90%, which is typical for all binary options brokers.

Problem is that binary options brokers are mostly fraudulent. They are going to pull the strings behind the curtain even as you struggle to beat the casino. Even if you’re smart enough to outshine them, the inevitable will happen — they won’t give you any withdrawals.

This is the modas operandi for illegitimate financial websites like SungerFX, Investous and StarkWealth.

Will you be convinced that Core Coin is not a scam?

CoreCoin is neither regulated nor licensed

Now that all of their promises are false and advertising language misleading, we would expect that the broker is operating without any valid broker’s license.

Their fake certificate suggests that they are incorporated in the United States, specifically North Delaware. If this is the case, Core Coin needs to show us their Commodity Futures Trading Commission license.

The site does not display any licensing details. This means that Core Coin is an illegal broker. The risk of losing money is so big.

What to do when you have lost money in Core Coin scam

Your only option is to fill out the form at the beginning of this review or utilize the live chat function on this blog. Good thing is that you will not be required to enter any obligation when submitting your case for review but you must follow the exact advice that you will be given afterwards.

The Conclusion

Binary options are no longer popular on the internet like they used to be, so we don’t review these brokers quite often.

However, Core Coin seems to be a popular fraud on the internet, which triggered a review anyway.

It is designed to scam you large amounts of money and not to reward your trading. After all, it’s binary options served from the plate of a broker that is not so merciful with your pockets. Avoid.