Copy Pro Traders Review: Read this First

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Copy Pro Traders is “selling” a “proprietary trading software” for both professional and non-professional traders.

Their website, whose domain is, was founded in October 2020 but their modas oparandi resembles that of a ponzi scheme.

According to Copy Pro Traders, the platform enables people to copy trades from professionals and also part of the proceeds is said to go towards “feeding the needy”.

This is obviously a lie because there’s no evidence to ascertain whether funds that enter this platform are used in this way.

Furthermore, before traders and investors can join this website, they’re required to use a referrer code from the person that shared the link with them.

This is a typical ponzi scheme operation where new recruits needing to sign up under someone else in order to participate.

Because of this, we don’t encourage traders to sign up for the Copy Pro Traders platform as this is not trading but rather something else.

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Copy Pro Traders Review: The scam

Looking at this fake investment platform, one can clearly tell that something is amiss.

For example, instead of listing down the true identities of the people behind CopyProTraders, the website is using stock photos with fake names to fool potential investors.

The real identity of the owner is Antione McBay. Mr. McBay’s profile claims that he is from Texas, United States but in a separate profile, he claims to be from Vietnam.

This dude is clearly not straight forward with his identity and whereabouts.

However, one thing is clear. Mr. McBay of CopyProTraders is someone with a long and sad history of defrauding investors.

In the year 2000, he was involved in another scam project known as Max International.

In 2010, he was also involved in running a scam called Momentis.

He is at the heart of Cryptocurrency fraud because this guy also stole from investors of ponzi schemes like E-platform 365 and BitAnex respectively.

Is there any trading activity?

The scam is actually selling a “passive investment opportunity” where the financially naïve can pay $99 monthly to access the platform.

According to what I’ve figured out, is using these deposits to pay out ROIs to other members who joined earlier.

In this type of operation, payments are never guaranteed. In fact, those who joined earlier might be the lucky people apart from the owners of the ponzi scheme.

To cut the long story short, do not trust this platform because they are not trading at all.

CopyProTraders Review: Referral commission, bonuses and everything

Now, for every person that signs up under you (by paying $99), you receive $21 as “direct commission.

The $99 is a monthly subscription fee. This means that the $21 direct commission is supposed to be paid every time the recruit renews their subscription.

Other than this, Copy Pro Traders is also paying “indirect commission” up to the 7th generation.

The payout is $7.

Based on this payment structure, anyone can see that this is not trading but a ponzi scheme activity.

They also provide a $10 bonus. This peanut is for members that recruit at least 15 other members who refer at least 5 other customers.

This is yet another evidence that Copy Pro Traders is a ponzi scheme and not a social trading platform as they claim.

The Conclusion

Copy Pro Traders is a scam. The owner, Mr. Antione McBay has a reputation of running scam investment platforms.

E-Platform 365 and Quiari seem to have died, and now he is using to make extra money for his luxurious vacations.

By the way, this fake investment platform is actually committing securities fraud because investors are told that their money goes to trading while the money is actually pocketed by the owner of

Whatever little payment that recruits receive will come from the monthly subscription that members pay and not from trading.

That is just how it is.

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