Control Traders Review: The Idiotic Ponzi Scheme

Control Traders is advertising “rapid easy money system”.

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Their marketing materials claim that Control Traders has been around for the last 23 years.

However, suggests that was registered in February 2020.

They are definitely lying about their years of experience. If you want to invest, check out these options.

Furthermore, Control Trader’s website has copy-pasted information from other well-known brokerage websites, specifically

Oanda is a reputable Forex broker. On the other hand, Control Traders is a ponzi scheme by sleazy internet marketers.

According to their marketing materials, investors who deposit $300 will get a weekly ROI of $12 for the next 52 weeks.

Control Traders review

This would mean that after the 52 weeks, an “investor” will have already made $624.

They have multiple “investment” plans and this minimum deposit is just to encourage naive investors to deposit $10,000 in order to receive $500 every week for 52 weeks.

This is definitely something we do not agree with. It is suspicious and the website admins don’t bother to disclose the specific details of how they generate this supposed revenue.

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Is Control Traders legit?

No it is not legitimate. This website is actually bogus because even the owners are totally anonymous.

Their aim is to recruit new “investors” or victims and after they make a deposit, a part of this money will be used to repay old existing members.

In return, the existing members will gain trust and deposit $10,000 into the account of the faceless fraudsters.

A ponzi scheme business model is not a legitimate and sustainable way to generate money.

Furthermore, it is illegal because naturally a ponzi scheme dies when there are no new recruits.

Control traders will not tell you this because their aim is to get money off your pocket.


We wouldn’t encourage investors or traders to get involved with such a cheap scam.

If you would like to invest, we believe there are better ways to make money rather than running directly into the hands of a scammer.

Avoid this website completely because the only thing they can do is to snatch money from you and run away. They are petty thieves not people who will help you to invest.

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